eight communities on alert for rain, storms and rissagas due to a new DANA

A DANA will enter the Peninsula this Wednesday, June 19, leaving heavy showers and storms in the next few hours. A total of eight communities are on yellow alert for rain, storms, wind, rough seas and rissagas, according to the prediction of the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET). Furthermore, the drop in temperatures will be widespread.

In general terms, Meteorology warns that DANA will approach the western Peninsular and will lead to a situation of instability with cloudy or overcast skies in Galicia, the Cantabrian environment and the southwest of the peninsula.r. During the second half of the day it will also do so in the rest of the Atlantic slope, upper Ebro and Pyrenean areawhere slightly cloudy skies or with intervals of low clouds will predominate in the first.

Likewise, it is planned Rainfall occasionally accompanied by a storm from the early hours in the Cantabrian area and northern Galicia, without ruling out that they are locally strong in coastal areas of Asturias and Lugo. In the afternoon, they will extend to the rest of the western half of the peninsula, as well as to the surroundings of the upper Ebro, northern Iberia, eastern Cantabrian and Pyrenees and surrounding areas to the south.

The AEMET predicts that the rainfall will be more intense in the western Cantabrian and Pyrenean environments, with the probability of becoming locally strong, and without ruling it out in areas of Extremadura and western Andalusia. In the rest of the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands there will be intervals of medium and high clouds that will increase throughout the day and will leave probable rainfall with storms in areas of the eastern third, without ruling them out in the Balearic Islands.

These are the areas on alert

The western fringe of the peninsula is on yellow alert for rain of up to 20 liters and storms, with five communities affected in addition to Aragonwhile Andalusia will activate warnings for wind and rough seas, and BalearicsIn the afternoon, it will be due to rissagas in Menorca, with sea level fluctuations of 1 meter, reports Efe. The rest of the communities, all of them on yellow alert, except the Balearic Islands, in orange with significant risk, are: Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria, Castilla y León and Extremadura.

The central area of Huesca (Aragon) and Pyrenees are on alert for storms with chance of hail and rainfall will be up to 20 liters per square meter in one hour. In the case of Asturias, the rains will accumulate 15 liters per square meter in one hour; likewise, the Liébana area in Cantabriaand in Galicia also, the provinces of Lugo and Ourense, in Valdeorras and in the Mountain.

The Andalusian province of Huelva will collect those same quantities due to rain in areas such as Andévalo, Condado and Aracena, and also Sevillelike the Extremaduran provinces of Caceres and Badajoz. 15 liters per square meter will also accumulate in one hour in areas of Castilla y León such as Burgos, León (Bierzo) and Zamora (Sanabria)and there will be strong storms in much of the region.

On the other hand, the eastern end of Andalusia will activate the wind alert, specifically Almería where they are expected gusts of up to 70 kilometers per hour. Starting at noon, the alert will also be activated there due to coastal phenomena, due to west and southwest winds of 50 to 60 km/h (force 7) and waves of 3 meters.

Generalized drop in temperatures

Regarding temperatures, the AEMET indicates that they will decrease practically across the board, sharply in the interior of the eastern half of the peninsula. Meanwhile, there will be some increases on the eastern coasts, the Galician Atlantic coast, the northern and northern plateaus of the Balearic Islands.

By zone, the provincial capitals that will register the highest values ​​will be Murcia with 33ºC; Lleida and Zaragoza with 32ºC; and Alicante, Almería, Castellón de la Plana, Girona, Huesca and Valencia with 30ºC.

DANA will leave Spain on Friday

He Thursdaythe showers will continue in the north of the peninsula, with greater intensity in the Cantabrian region and the northeast, accompanied by storms that could extend towards the center of the peninsula. However, it is unlikely that rainfall will reach the south or the Balearic Islands. The day is cool for this time of year in the north, where in many areas it will not exceed 20 degrees. In the center and west of the peninsula, thermometers will remain below 25 degrees, placing between 5 and 10 degrees below usual for this time.

From Friday, DANA is likely to recede, allowing high pressure to take center stage, except for some remnants of instability in the far north, where generally weak rains are forecast. Temperatures will begin to rise progressively, with a more notable rise on Friday and Saturday, and a more moderate rise on Sunday. Towards the end of the week, temperatures are expected to exceed 30 degrees in most of the country, reaching between 32 and 34 degrees in the Ebro Valley and the Northern plateau, between 34 and 36 degrees in the central zone, between 36 and 38 degrees in Extremadura and Andalusia, and even reaching 38-40 degrees in the Guadalquivir Valley.