drop in temperatures and abundant rains in these areas

The State Meteorological Agency has carried out this Saturday a special weather forecast for Holy Week. So, from tomorrow Sunday the 24th temperatures will begin a slight decrease, although the weather will be stable in the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands, with intervals of medium and high clouds in general. In the last few hours there is a probability of showers accompanied by storms in the southern third of the peninsula.

In the Canary Islands, instability will continue with widespread showers, locally strong and accompanied by storms, tending to subside at the end of the day.

For him Monday the 25th and Tuesday the 26th, the Aemet foresees general instability both in the Peninsula and in the Balearic Islands, with a predominance of cloudy skies and showers.

Besides, the entry of a mass of cold air will cause a very sharp drop in temperatures, as well as the snow level. Starting Monday afternoon it will be between 700-100 meters, with snowfall in the main mountain systems and with the probability that it will also occur in surrounding areas.

In the Canary Islands there will be cloudy intervals with weak rainfall, which will be more likely in the north of the islands with greater relief but without ruling them out in the rest of the areas. Temperatures with few changes.

From the Wednesday, March 27 to Monday, April 1, The most likely scenario is that during the entire period instability continues, with the passage of successive Atlantic fronts that would leave cloudy skies and widespread rainfall. There is still a high level of uncertainty in determining the days and areas with the greatest impact, but the Atlantic slope of the peninsula is expected to be the most affected, with the most persistent and intense rainfall. On the Mediterranean slope and in the Balearic Islands the probability of precipitation is lowerand they would also be less intense and more occasional.

They wait notable rises in temperatures on both Wednesday and Thursday, with a tendency to decrease the rest of the days. The snow level will also rise significantly starting Wednesday, with snowfall being restricted to mountain areas.

Some scenarios point to a decrease in snow level starting this weekenda, but there is still high uncertainty.

Winds from the south and west will predominate with strong intervals and a probability of occasionally very strong gusts. In the Canary Islands, cloudy intervals will continue with probable weak rainfall.

On Friday, the most likely scenario is that one of the Atlantic fronts that will affect the Peninsula also reaches the Canary Islands, causing more intense showers, but there is still a high degree of uncertainty in this regard. Temperatures with few changes. Winds

from the west with strong intervals, with the probability of very strong gusts on Friday.