Discover the ideal gadget to give as a gift on Mother's Day, according to her hobbies

Next May 5th is Mother's Daya celebration that does not have an official character but rather a commercial and popular one and that in Spain takes place on the first Sunday of May since 1965. In any case, a reason to have a detail with our mothers and for which we are going to propose some tech gift ideas based on your hobbies and activities.

For mothers who like sports

Wearables are a must-have for any sports fan, from walking to spending hours at the gym. You have them in formats like activity bracelets, the most accessible, smart watches or smart rings. With this type of device, not only is physical activity, the number of steps and the time spent active, among other parameters, monitored, but, depending on the characteristics of the model, they can monitor aspects of health such as heart rate or the level of oxygen in the blood. The offer is very wide and you have from the bracelet My Smart Band 8 of Xiaomiby €37.99 on Amazon, to the ring Air Ring of ultrahuman, €299 in El Corte Inglés, passing through smartwatches like the Apple Watch Series 9, 399 euros on Amazon.

Air Ring.Ultrahuman.

For mothers who enjoy gardening

4 in 1 moisture meter.
4 in 1 moisture meter.Amazon.

A 4 in 1 moisture meter It is a device equipped with a series of sensors that is inserted into the pots and sends the data they collect to the corresponding app. The one of B Bestcon, €28.99 on Amazon, measures light, temperature, humidity and soil fertility so you know at all times if your needs are covered and grow your flowers and plants better.

Clizia Smart Garden.
Clizia Smart Garden.Amazon.

Another interesting gadget for gardening lovers are the smart pots. The Clizia Smart Garden of amzWOW, 69.90 euros on Amazon, it is an indoor planter with a hydroponic growing system for growing. The device waters, gives the necessary light to the plants with LED grow lights and warns when they need water.

For forgetful mothers

Tile Essentials.
Tile Essentials.Amazon.

So that Easily find where you left your wallet, keys or TV remote. This package manufacturer Tile It has four units, in different formats to adapt to different objects, of this Bluetooth locator. Its range is 76 meters, but if you are outside that range, the Tile app on your mobile allows you to know your last recorded location. If it is within range, it will ring for the user to find it. It is compatible with Android, iOS and voice assistants. By clicking twice on its button, the app on the mobile phone will ring to find where the device has been left. You can buy it on Amazon for 79 euros.

For those who don't get used to smartphones

SPC Zeus 4G Pro.
SPC Zeus 4G Pro.Amazon.

A person who has not gotten used to modern smartphones, either due to age or because their vision or finger agility is no longer the same, has a good option with Zeus 4G Pro by SPC. The manufacturer's layer on top of the Android operating system uses XXL size icons for applications, a Shortcuts section to activate and deactivate the most essential settings and direct access to the six most common contacts. It offers 4 levels of font size and physical buttons to hang up and pick up calls, SOS button to request help by sharing geolocation and a charging base. For the rest, this mobile phone with a 5.5-inch IPS screen offers all the advantages of Android 11 under a simplified interface. You can find it on Amazon for 149 euros.

For the reading mother

Kobo Libra Color.
Kobo Libra Color.Kobo.

If it's time for your mother to renew her old ebook reader or discover the advantages that this type of device offers, you can do it with one of the new kobo which the company launches later this month, just in time for Mother's Day. These are the first with a color screen launched by one of the most recognized brands in the sector, along with Amazon and Barnes & Noble, with a 6-inch electronic ink screen and therefore 159.99 euros the simplest model, Clara Color. This is accompanied by Libra Color that goes up to 229.99 euros and offers a 7-inch screen, with physical buttons and compatible with the Kobo pencil for drawing and writing by hand.

For those who want to watch movies and series in streaming without complications

Fire TV Stick.
Fire TV Stick.Amazon.

If you still have an old TV, without Smart TV capabilities, a streaming device connected to the television It can provide you with these functions and give you access, among other things, to Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max and other similar platforms. He Chromecast It is the best known of these devices, but its initial configuration can be a bit cumbersome. He Fire TV Stick of amazon, €35it has extremely simple handling and its command counts with buttons dedicated to streaming platforms, so that they can be accessed by simply pressing the corresponding one. It also supports voice commands through the Alexa assistant.

For mothers who love cooking

Cosori 5.5 liter Air Fryer.
Cosori 5.5 liter Air Fryer.Amazon.

If you don't know them yet, Mother's Day can be a good occasion for you to discover the advantages of the latest appliance that has revolutionized the domestic kitchen. The air fryers They may have a somewhat misleading name, they are rather smaller ovens with lower energy consumption, but they allow you to cook with little or no oil and thus provide a diet with less fat and healthier. Among all the available models, the 5.5 liter Air Fryer of capacity Cosori, €98.99is one of the most appreciated among users, with almost 100,000 ratings on Amazon and a score of 4.7, and the best seller in the electronic store.

Bonsenkitchen 5-in-1 vacuum sealer.
Bonsenkitchen 5-in-1 vacuum sealer.Amazon.

Another very useful device in a kitchen is the vacuum packaging machines that allow better preservation of food and for longer. In the case of the Bonsenkitchen 5-in-1 vacuum sealer, €38.99 on Amazon. Suitable for both domestic and commercial use, it promises to keep food fresh up to 7 times longer and has different types of sealing depending on the type of product being packaged.