Apple announces the event in which it will present the new iPad Pro and iPad Air

After starting the year with the launch of its first new class of product in a decade, the VisionPro, now it's time to focus on renewing the most popular tablet on the market. Apple has announced an event that will take place next May 7, at 4:00 p.m. in Spainand in which he will present new products.

As usual, the invitation sent by Apple does not inform what is going to be presented, but it does give clues. In this case, the “Apple special event”, which can be followed from its website, is accompanied by an illustration showing the Apple Pencil, which inevitably refers to the iPad.

Fall has been the usual time of year when Apple has introduced new models of these devices, but this It didn't happen in 2023. He iPad and the iPad Pro have not been updated since October 2022 and the iPad Air since March of the same year. He iPad Mini It has it even worse, given that since September 2021 it has not been either.

The rumors known so far suggest that what Apple will present will be four new iPads, two Pro and two Air. The latter will include a variant with a screen 12.9 inchesfor the first time in the Air, which will also have a panoramic front camera, as well as a SoC M2.

Of the iPad Pro a slight increase in the screen diagonal is expected up to 13 inchespanels OLED and the processor M3. They will have a thinner case and bezels, matte screen option, wireless charging MagSafe and the camera will also be repositioned horizontally.

Other news could focus on the iPad peripherals, the Apple Pencil and a redesigned Magic Keyboard. What nothing is known about is whether we will see something of the leap to AI that Apple intends to make this year or if we will have to wait for these at the Apple World Developers Conference that will take place in June and is where the company presents its news. in software. Most likely.