Cucurella’s promise if Spain makes it to the Euro Cup final: “My wife kills me…”

Marc Cucurella has gone from not counting on spending the summer in Germany to becoming a key man for De la Fuente and an idol for the fans.

He has been a starter in both games and Against Italy he formed a spectacular pairing with Nico Williams on the left. She was everywhere and drove the Azzurri defense crazy. The Catalan full-back put in an outstanding performance. 7 recoveries, 5 clearances, 5 tackles, 2 interceptions, 100% in passing and 3 chances created. An excellent match for which the fans did not hesitatein elevating it as the true discovery of this Euro Cup.

And just over a month ago, no one was counting on Marc Cucurella. His call to the tournament seemed designed so that he would occupy a place on the bench and It was even questioned by many as soon as they learned of De la Fuente’s list.

And it was no wonder. The Catalan footballer arrived at the Eurocup without any official match for Spain and after a disappointing campaign with Chelsea (one goal, two assists and a poor sixth place with his team). But his performance on the field has made him the revelation of the continental tournament.

During an interview on the Cope network, Cucurella confirmed that he is in a great moment in his sports career, but that he hopes that this has not been his ceiling and he also hopes to continue growing as a footballer. He has also assured that this is the result of work that he has been doing for years and that now he is beginning to bear the best results. He also wanted to highlight his most outstanding facet, his work for the team: “Now football is changing and is more about statistics, but what I emphasize is that I believe I am a team player. In a week I may not surprise you, but if you work with me for a year I will.”

The Catalan footballer was natural, fun and close to the point of being moved by a message from his wife.

But what caught the most attention was the promise he made and that has driven his followers crazy since it has to do with his already iconic hair. “If we won the Euro Cup, I would let them cut my hair. But my wife kills me. My wife likes it. In the end, it takes many years and I’ll see if one day I do an advertisement or something with my hair on TV, something with Nivea. I’ll take the opportunity to see if any advertisers come into the picture. Let’s see if the brands start calling me,” she commented.

And he quickly corrected it, with the joking tone he maintained throughout the conversation. “I would vote first to dye it or something. It could be red or something. Then I would put braids on it, which is my summer look”, he stated between laughs. “If we reach the final, I will dye myself red,” she said.

Finally, he acknowledged that in the past there was an offer from Real Madrid -“yes, there was something…” he said- and, like Lamine Yamal, He confessed that he would love to share a dressing room with Kylian Mbappé.