Cruise ship arrives in New York Harbor with a dead whale trapped in the bow

Last Saturday, the MSC Meraviglia, an imposing cruise ship, arrived in New York Harbor with an unusual cargo on its bow: the lifeless body of a 13.4 meter long Sei whale. This marine mammal, predominantly dark gray on the back and light gray or white on the underside, is a endangered specie and is considered the third largest among whales.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has launched an investigation to clarify the details of this unusual event. According to ABC sources, the discovery took place when the MSC Meraviglia stopped its journey in a port in Brooklyn County, during the docking process.

A spokesperson for MSC Cruises confirmed that the whale had been trapped in the boat and expressed the company's regret for the loss of marine life. He assured that the company complies with all regulations intended to protect whales, including altering itineraries in certain regions to avoid collisions with these mammals.

The whale's body was taken to New Jersey to undergo an autopsy, which was performed on Tuesday, according to Andrea Gómez, spokesperson for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. This autopsy aims determine if the whale was alive or dead when it was hit by the ship.

Sei whales can weigh up to 4 tons, are usually seen in deeper waters and away from the coast, and are internationally protected. The cruise company notified the relevant authorities of the incident as soon as the ship arrived in New York, as part of its commitment to transparency and compliance with maritime regulations.