ChatGPT has gone crazy (for a few hours)

The users of ChatGPT You can expect the AI ​​to confabulate some answers from time to time or make mistakes when relating data, but some were in for a notable surprise tonight. ChatGPT started give answers that were real gibberish and that they had little to do with the conversation that the user wanted to have. “He suffered a stroke”, “he went crazy”, “he rambled” or “he lost control” are some of the comments from users who have recounted his experience on Reddit, from where the first information about the situation has emerged. .

OpenAI acknowledged the issue shortly after on the ChatGPT issue page. A few minutes later he updated indicating that he had identified the problem that was causing “unexpected answers” from the AI ​​​​and shortly after five this afternoon, Spanish time, he reported that it was already solved. What it has not done has been to pronounce on the causes or the solution.

The problem has affected ChatGPT Plus, the paid version of the AI ​​that uses the language model GPT-4 instead of GPT 3.5 which can be accessed with the free version.

There have been many examples of ChatGPT's rantings. A Reddit user asked about the Jackson family of musicians. What began as a logical explanation about the Jackson brothers ended with meaningless sentences and words that did not exist in English. For example, when talking about the most famous Jackson, Michael, he explained that “schwittendly, the tourmar glow on the crest has as much to do with the golver of the 'moon paths' as it does with the tracking change.”

byu/cbrules3033 from discussion

Another user on the same platform asked him if it was recommended give whole oats to your dogafter which he returned a long explanation that began reasonably and ended with a gibberish of disconnected phrases between references to a “in depth conversation” that I wanted to have with the user.

Asked about something as seemingly easy to answer as what is a computer?, ChatGPT said “does this as the good work of an art network for the country, a science mouse, an easy draw for a sad few and finally the global house of art, in a single work in the total rest . The development of an entire real world like that of time is the depth of the computer as a complex character.”

In other cases he has also shown a curious preference for choosing for Spanglish when answering questions in English. The incident has been resolved, but it is a reminder of the reliability that should be placed in this type of tools. The fair one.