Carrefour, certified by Aenor for its effective reduction of food waste

Carrefour has become the first and only Spanish distribution company to obtain Aenor certification for its effective management of food waste. This seal is an external endorsement that recognizes the effectiveness of the measures implemented by the company under the #ZeroFoodWaste initiatives. Through this initiative, Carrefour regularizes stocks, promotes a second life for its surpluses by producing products such as jams made with ripe fruits, fried tomatoes, sausages, beer with bread, croissants and toasted breads, vegetable creams, fruits and vegetables with less attractive shapes and fruit packs, among others. In addition, its centers offer discounts on products close to the end of their useful life and the marketing of packs through the To Good To Go app.

Sepiia launches a fabric that evaporates sweat

The fashion brand Sepiia has launched a new fabric that has a technology, which is inherent in the yarn, that combines the triple “chill effect.” This reduces skin temperature, offering a refreshing sensation that is permanent. It also manages to always keep the person wearing the garment dry, as it is capable of absorbing and evaporating sweat in seconds.

Ethical Banking continues to conquer the market

The Banca Ética Group closed 2023 with a consolidated net profit of 31.6 million euros, which represents a growth of 83.7% compared to the 17.2 million of the previous year. These data emerge from the balance sheet project approved by the bank's Board of Directors on March 28 and represent a new opportunity for the entity to reinvest in social impact projects.

Madrid hoteliers, united to improve their consumption

The Madrid Hotel Business Association (AEHM) has launched the 'BI Green' project, with the support of the DG of Tourism and Hospitality of the Community of Madrid and the collaboration of the Hotel Technology Institute (ITH). The project focuses on digitizing and analyzing the main consumption of electricity, natural gas and water to identify patterns or detect points of improvement that guarantee optimal management.

Insurers spend 847 million for the climate

Last year, insurers had to deposit 847 million euros to deal with damage caused by atmospheric phenomena, according to the insurance sector's association, Unespa, according to the report Insurance and climate sustainability in 2023, prepared by Somos Seguros. , a dissemination initiative of the entity. Between 2017 and 2021, 3,796 million euros were paid.

The world generated 30% renewable electricity

The growing penetration of solar and wind energy caused the world to exceed, for the first time in its history, 30% of electricity from renewable sources in 2023, a record that marks a “turning point” on the path to an era reduction of fossil fuels. Above this average was the EU, which in the last year managed to generate 44% of its electricity from renewables.

Spain continues to lead the list of blue flags

The distinctive Blue Flag, which recognizes each year the best beaches for the good condition of the waters, the high level of beach services and the safety of bathers, will fly this summer on 638 beaches, which maintains Spain as a world leader in last 30 consecutive years. Spain achieves a total of 18 more blue flags than last year: 638 for beaches and 102 for marinas, among others.