Analysis of the Pixel 8a, the 'economical' Pixel that remains in no man's land due to its price

He Pixel 8a It goes on sale today and does so in a somewhat strange position within the Google catalog. Traditionally, the a series includes Google's mid-range, but with the latest generation, the 8, it has moved up a category to what could be called premium mid-range and is practically at the height of the Pixel 8. Close in features and almost at the same price. The Pixel 8a costs €549 compared to €589, for which the Pixel 8 can be purchased at the time of writing these lines. Its RRP in the Google store is 799 euros, but many online stores sell it well below and it is easy to find it at practically the same price as the 8a.

The Pixel 8a is a good phone that collects everything that characterizes the range Pixel last generationa clearly above-average camera system, advanced artificial intelligence features and the same processor as the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro, G3 Tensioneraccompanied in this case by 8GB of RAM, the same amount as in the 8. Compared to this, loses slightly in cameraswhich are those of the 7a with a 64 MP main and a 13 MP ultra wide angle, and in construction materials by replacing the glass back with a plastic one, but little else. The screen, with technology OLED and resolution 2,400 x 1080 pixels, the only difference is in protection, Corning Gorilla Glass 3 versus Corning Gorilla Victus, in HDR which is not 10+ and a diagonal that is the same as the 7a, 6.1 inches, and is 0.1 inches away from that of the Pixel 8.

Justifying the purchase of the 8a versus the 8 is frankly difficult. It will be another thing in a few months when the price has dropped and can be purchased without looking askance at the Pixel 8. As a reference, the 7a, which maintains its original price of 509 euros in the Google store, can be easily found around 350 euros a year latera range in which the new Pixel 8a would gain much more value compared to the 8.

Pixel 8a.Google

The new Pixel Yes, it is a significant improvement over the previous generation.. Increase the refresh rate from 90 to 120Hz and the maximum brightness reaches 2,000 nits, which makes it a fantastic mobile to use outdoors. It abandons the Tensor G2 and adopts the powerful G3, slightly increases the battery capacity from 4,385 mAh to 4,492, maintains a not too fast charge of 18W and 7.5 if it is wireless and inherits its camera system that was one of the most recognized by users and specialists last year. Like his older brothers, Google assures 7 years of updates of Android and security, which makes it one of the longest on paper, although we will have to see how Android 21 works on hardware launched with Android 14.

Like the 8 and 8 Pro, the 8a features all the artificial intelligence options that Google has launched in recent months, among which are Circle to search, Magic Eraser for audio, Magic Editor and Best version, among others. It will also have, in a future update, Gemini Nanothe version of Google's AI designed to run locally on the device and thus maintain the privacy of the information provided to it.

The Pixel 8a It collects all the good things about the Pixel in the most compact format within this family of products. It has plenty of muscle and is very agile in its operation, it has a characteristic design, this time with more rounded corners, and it is ready to ride the AI ​​wave and stay there for a good handful of years. Its only drawback is the price range in which it is located and its proximity to the Pixel 8, but this situation will probably improve as the months go by and offers come out that make it a better buy than it is right now, with the Pixel 8 a few dozen euros off its price.