Activision inaugurates a European development studio focused on large productions

The video game editor and developer Activision is determined to expand its resources in European territory with the formation of a new team based in Poland. The new study named Elsewhere Entertainmentis made up of “industry veterans”, who have conspired in the city of Warsaw with the aim of produce Titles big-budget (AAA) narrative-focused.

A studio with all its functions centralized

The newly created division's intention is to create “genre-defining products.” Although Activision has not revealed who is part of the staff, nor has the most basic elements of its first project been mentioned, the multinational has hinted at some of the guidelines it could adopt. The publisher claims that the initial team is made up of developers who have worked on such well-known hits as 'The Last of Us', 'Cyberpunk', 'The Division', 'uncharted', 'The Witcher' and 'Far Cry'. It does not offer many more clues and, if we also take into account that the newly formed team is working on the triple A project from scratch, everything indicates that they will pass at least five years before we can see the first fruits From his job.

Activision scenarioActivision-Blizzard

“Elsehwere Entertainment is a premier independent studio dedicated to establishing an environment that inspires bold and diverse ideas,” the company says in the statement. On the official blog, the editor also warns that the new team has among its powers absolute freedom and “complete access” to the resources of the multinational. In addition, the project currently seeks to strengthen the workforce. “Elsewhere is beginning its search for the best talents in the industry and the planet to help create a cutting-edge gaming experience for the next generation,” they say from the developer's official site.

A new Triple-A game studio based in Poland

The inauguration of the new studio is among the first measures that the publisher's management is taking since it is controlled by Microsoft. The choice of Poland over other European countries unfortunately makes perfect sense. The region is known for reduced economic expenses that it generates compared to other surrounding countries and its education policy has managed to promote a lot of national talent. In fact, it is the place chosen by such powerful developers as CD Projekt RED ('The Witcher', 'Cyberpunk'), 11 Bit Studios ('This War of Mine'), Techland ('Dying Light'), CI Games (' Sniper Ghost Warrior') or Bloober Team ('Silent Hill 2 Remake'), among many others.