About the 5 days without Caesar's word

We will leave aside the collective hysteria in certain strongholds of the PSOE in the five days without a word from Caesar. With an alleged catharsis of the first vice president of the Government, turned more into a figure from a Greek tragedy, tearing her clothes in favor of Mr. Sánchez and Doña Begoña Gómez. Above all, the true truth is that in Spain we are facing a unique case, among the 27 countries of the European Union. With the spouse of a President of the Government charged twice for her alleged influence peddling in favor of certain entities. Which recalls that “Caesar's wife must be honest and, furthermore, appear so.”

The president continues to be affected, and seems to be getting worse, by the pernicious La Moncloa syndrome. As I diagnosed him in my motion of censure of March 2023, in the Congress of Deputies. Then, in an article in ABC's “Tercera”, dated February 24, they appreciated the need for Sánchez to go to a psychiatric consultation; with Dr. Sigmund Freud himself I relive if it were feasible.

For the rest, rest assured, Mr. Sánchez, that article 14 of the constitution, “all Spaniards are equal before the Law”, will also apply to your spouse. For a Justice in which you say you believe, even if only “despite everything.”

And in the end, the parting of the mountains: nothing, you stay, you don't leave. How was the author of the endless script of the tenant of La Moncloa going to leave? And he says that he first communicated his glorious decision “to the Head of State.” Goodness. Incidentally, he could have also mentioned Felipe VI as King of Spain; because we are in a parliamentary monarchy regime, something that sometimes you forget; and I think not by chance.

NOTA BENE: IN MEMORIAM Fernando Suárez. He died on Sunday, April 28, one of the great promoters of the democratic Transition, defending the Political Reform Law of 1976.