A cold storm will come from Greenland to leave rain and snow in Spain from this date

He winter weather has been imposed in some areas of Spain with the emergence of a cold arctic air mass that is leaving temperatures lower than usual for the time of year and even frost through large areas of the interior of the northern half of the peninsula. Over the next few days the cold will continue and we will have some rain, storms and snowfall. In addition, meteorologists are awaiting a cold storm that could arrive from Greenland on Friday, with more instability over the weekend.

An Arctic polar mass ends the “April summer”

The new isolated cold storm (BFA), which could be high impact, the Thursday to the northwest of the peninsula, according to the prediction of Jose Miguel Viñas, Meteored meteorologist. Associated with this depression, a first Atlantic front will leave rain in the extreme north, which will be most intense in Galicia, Asturias and the northwest of Castilla y León, with snowfall in the Cantabrian Mountains and the Pyrenees. That day temperatures will drop again on the Atlantic slopeespecially in the northwest of the Peninsula.

He Friday atmospheric instability will increase, due to the impact of the storm, which It will be quite close to Galicia. Friday afternoon will be rainy throughout the northwest of the peninsula, with southwesterly winds intensifying. The rains will be intense late in the evening in western Galicia.

He Saturdayas the storm passes, we will have a storm more typical of winter than spring, since there will beBoth rain and snowfall in the mountains of the northern peninsula and on the northern plateau. Precipitation will be more prominent in the northeast of the Peninsula.

The drop in temperatures will be notable on the Peninsula, except in the Mediterranean. Winds from the south will intensify in the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands associated with the storm, and from the southeast in the Mediterranean area.

On Sunday, a very variable environment is expected on the Peninsula and in both archipelagos, with showers in much of the country, locally stormy and that may leave some hailstorms. On the other hand, daytime temperatures will rise, although before dawn it will be very cold.