A Barca star has a clear plan for Germany: “Beat Spain with the Real Madrid trick”

The day has come. Spain This afternoon, the quarter-finals of Euro 2024 are being played against the powerful local German teamwhere he arrives in excellent form after leading Group B with full authority -passed the group stage with a full house- and beat Georgia 4-1 in the round of 16. A match that will not be easy and for which the Germans are preparing surrounded by the most absolute secrecy.

If the Spanish cling to the hopeful data Of the 36 years they have gone without losing against the Germans in an official match, The Teutons trust andn the “host syndrome” that has plagued La Roja since 1934. The Spanish team has never beaten a host team in a major tournament.

However, the Germans claim to know the way to knock La Roja out of the continental competition: “We have to win using the method of the biggest club in Spain!”

It will be a completely different game to previous Euro 2019 encounters against more defensive opponents. Like Germany, Spain wants a lot of possession and relies on attack. That’s why the German national team warns: “We will have to suffer and we want to do it like Real Madrid.”

We can’t panic

Barça star Ilkay Gündogan spoke about the “Real” factor in an interview with the presenter of the German channel Magenta, Thomas Wagner: “You have to take the liberty of letting your opponent have the ball and not panic. One of the best examples is Real Madrid. They have so much experience and coolness. Even if they have to defend with ten men in their own area or in their own half, they do it and wait patiently for their moment.”.

“And when they get the ball, they exploit it mercilessly. That’s why we’re so happy to have players like Toni Kroos or Antonio Rüdiger who bring with them this extreme experience. It’s extremely important not to get desperate or impatient too early. And that could be a sticking point in this match,” he concluded.

Admirers of the Real Madrid method, the Germans warn: With Kroos and Rüdiger, we have more Real Madrid players in the starting eleven than the Spanish. Only Dani Carvajal (32) is a starter, Nacho (34) and Joselu (34) are on the bench.