80% of the most in-demand jobs in 2030 will be newly created

The constant evolution of technology poses a changing scenario full of possibilities in the labor market. According to speculation from the University of Design, Innovation and Technology, it is estimated that by 2030, 80% of the most in-demand jobs are for profiles that currently do not exist. These professions may seem futuristic, but they are consistent with today’s world.

Fashion design, management or communication area

Sustainable fashion design

It encompasses highly trained professionals in fashion design and ecology at the same time, with deep knowledge of new materials and innovative processes. We know that sustainability and environmentally friendly practices are one of the priorities of small and large industries. In this sense, also in the fashion sector it is expected that there will soon be profiles committed to the environment; because the fashion industry can be highly polluting.

Related with: fashion design, sustainable processes, ethical productions that respect the planet.

Environmental textile engineering

You are a specialist with training in textiles, environmental sciences or chemical processes. Its main function is to perfect the different production processes within the textile industry. On the other hand, Its main mission is to minimize the environmental impact of this sector, under sustainable and efficient schemes. This professional seeks to optimize production and promote a balance between operational efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Related with: manufacturing of materials, technology, ecology and sustainability.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity Specialist

Diversity, equity and inclusion are concepts that have gradually become part of our vocabulary. Above all, because in some work environments these are little practiced approaches. It is expected that by 2030 it will already be a highly in-demand position in the human resources sector to achieve the transformation to more respectful teams.

The main mission of this, one of the most in-demand jobs in 2030, will be to ensure the application of inclusion policies in the types of sensitivities. In addition, achieving fair treatment of all and for all employees, thus contributing to the creation of equitable work environments. This is perhaps one of the modern needs to which little importance is attributed, but which plays a vital role for productivity.

Related with: human resources, law or sociology.

Design, product design and interior design area

Circular design

This profile arises from the need to reuse products. This is a professional who will create objects and systems that reduce waste and help recycle what exists. To do this, you must have knowledge of sustainable materials and circular production processes. It is a position that defends sustainable production and ecological practices in general, which contribute to the preservation of resources and the reduction of environmental impact.

Related with: design, engineering or science.

Design of virtual spaces

This profile seeks creating virtual environments that offer a truly immersive experience. And, beyond that, they have to be optimized spaces with good 3D design techniques highly adapted to interaction with users. That said, the report from the University of Design, Innovation and Technology reveals that this profile must generate “friendly and habitable” virtual environments.

Related with: design, technology and virtual reality.

Graphic design, illustration, advertising and brand creation area

Visual researcher

You must be an expert in research and analysis of visual arts, from ancient to trendy ones.Its main objective is to create attractive visual pieces adapted to trends, to achieve its communication objectives. To carry out this task, this professional needs to know color theory, semiotics and consumer psychology; since with this knowledge he would have the ability to generate visual proposals with guaranteed strategy and effectiveness.

Related with: design, visual arts and communication.

Authenticity auditor

As the name suggests, this profile has the objective of certifying luxury brands to generate trust in the consumer. With your diverse knowledge, you should be able to authenticate any luxury product in the sector let it unfold. For this reason, it is also necessary to have a close knowledge of forgery techniques to be able to evaluate the authenticity of the copy. In the midst of so much competition, it will be one of the most in-demand jobs.

Related with: design, art history and product authentication.

Animation, video games and technology area.

Specialists in generative AI oriented towards animation (synthetic voices, scripts, subtitling…)

The projection is that in the coming years content will be produced actively using generative AI (GIA) almost entirely. Even today, audiovisuals are being created whose voices are done under IAG assistants. In addition, we have sometimes seen people speaking in front of a camera that does not exist, but which, in fact, is not a real human but a character generated with artificial intelligence.

Related with: computer science and animation production.

Big Data and predictive analysis specialist

It’s about ua person in charge of analyzing market trends and niches, using mathematical approaches to lead strategies across the technology industry. But, as the name of this profile indicates, all of the above is done with large data sets. In this way, it is possible to create patterns and project future trends in markets.

Related with: computing, statistics and machine learning.