23,000 megawatts of wind energy in the coming years

This 2024 the meeting took place for the first time Wind and Marketan essential event in the world of renewable energies that takes the pulse of the sector and lays the foundations for what is to come.

The day brought together more than 200 expertsamong whom were Carmen Becerril, president of OMIE, Juan Diego Diaz, president of AEE, or Heikki Willstedt, director of Energy Policies and Climate Change at AEE.

The latter, during his presentation on the “General status of wind farm processing in Spain”, was in charge of announce that the wind sector could install up to 23,000 megawatts in our country in the short termin the next 3 or 4 years.

In that same presentation, Willstedt pointed out that “the sector is not far from the possibility of meeting these objectives,” referring to the 62,044 megabytes proposed by the Government in its National Integrated Energy and Climate Planbut that this good inertia could be diminished with greater taxation, in reference to the wind charges and other taxes that the autonomies are studying or implementing.

Facing the challenge of electrification

For his part, the president of AEE, Juan Diego Díaz Vega, took advantage of the occasion to put on the table one of the main challenges facing the renewable energy sector in general and the wind energy sector in particular, such as electrification.

Regarding this, he pointed out that “the electrical system is an environment of unstable equilibrium, where supply must be balanced with demand, and must advance in the most coupled way possible. If electricity demand does not increase, Renewable electricity generation will not be able to have a purchasing counterparty and could face scenarios of loss of profitability.”

Given this, the expert added that “work on electrification policieshaving an effect in the short-medium term on consumers – both domestic and industrial – is one of the most important tasks we face as a sector.”