XDefiant: this is everything you should know about the preseason of the free arcade shooter

Ubisoft has released the long-awaited 'XDefiant', your shot bet free-to-play arcade developed by the company's team in San Francisco. He qualification starring factions inspired by some of the franchises of the French house can now be downloaded and play for free on PC, PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X|S. To access the title, just access the official product portal and follow the instructions depending on the system for which it is intended.

Preseason content

After a series of betas and open tests, the preseason content offered by 'XDefiant' has now been established, including: 14 maps inspired by other Ubisoft titles, five factions (one of them must be earned or purchased), 24 weapons, 44 accessories and five devices.


In the first games you will be able to discover what it is like to play as one of the five factions: the Cleaners ('The Division'), Freedom ('Far Cry 6'), Echelon ('Splinter Cell'), DedSec ('Watch Dogs 2') and the Ghosts ('Ghost Recon Phantoms'). The factions have three characters each, but only one of the three will be unlocked; the rest can be obtained by completing missions in the game.

To begin with, the title proposes games in two game modes: Arena and Linear

Arena mode has three types of games: In “Domination”, the teams fight to control three fixed zones. In “Occupation”, teams fight to control an area that moves around the map periodically. Lastly, in “Figure”, players have to get as many eliminations as possible. Points are only gained or lost when you collect the dog tags of defeated comrades or enemies. The player with the most caps becomes the “FIGURE” and gets a series of speed boosts, but their position is also visible on the map to everyone.

For its part, in “Linear” mode there are two types of games available, which put players in attack or defense roles: In “Zone control”, for example, the attacking team has to secure five zones, advancing along the map. The defenders have to fight to stop them. In “Shooting guard”, the attacking team has to carry a package to its final destination, on the other side of the map. Meanwhile, defenders hinder their progress and even push the package back. Finally, after the preseason, 'XDefiant' promises new content: a new faction, three maps, three weapons and more each season.