X officially allows the publication of pornographic content on its social network

NY – The social network X updated its guidelines this Monday to allow users to publish “adult nudity or sexual behavior produced and distributed with consent” as long as it is tagged and not in a prominent place, such as a profile image, the company announced in a statement. Elon Musk.

“We believe in the autonomy of adults to interact and create content that reflects their own beliefs, desires and experiences, including those related to sexuality”, says the statement X, a platform formerly known as Twitter.

One of the new measures that came with Musk was Twitter Blue (now X Premium), which allows users to sell extra content to followers who are willing to pay.

This type of subscriptions could provide another form of income for X, which has seen its advertising revenue fall after Musk's acquisition and his controversial measures.

The platform will now require users who “regularly post” adult content to adjust their settings to mark the images and videos they post as sensitive content.

Drawings and pornographic artificial intelligence

The company also indicates in its statement that this “adult content” also applies to photographic or animated content generated by artificial intelligencesuch as “cartoons, hentai or anime.”

Users who are under 18 years old or who have not entered their date of birth in their profile will not be able to “click” on the content pornographic.

The new rules also prohibit content “that promotes exploitation, lack of consent, objectification, sexualization or harm to minors and obscene behavior.”

Violent content

After the release of the statement, the X account dedicated to security published: “We have launched adult content and violent content policies to provide more clarity to our rules and transparency in enforcement in these areas. These policies replace our previous policies on sensitive media and violent speech, but what we enforce has not changed..

“Violent content covers violent speech and violent media to allow for a more holistic approach to combating violence in all its forms,” the message detailed.

Since Musk's arrival, after purchasing the network for $44 billion in 2022, X's rules have been relaxed and the tycoon has removed the veto of several accounts, such as that of the former president. donald trump.