“With Franco they didn’t steal your cell phone” and other ironies to make the Caudillo trending topic

When you least expect it, Francoism becomes a trending topic on X, the old Twitter. The debate about the goodness or badness of the Dictatorship is a classic on this social network every time something is removed from historical memory (few excuses are enough) but also for no apparent reason, as was the case in this last case.

The spigot has exploded with the ironic comment of a user who, in response to the praise of Francoism, assured that with the dictator life was better because “you could leave your cell phone on the beach towel and bathe in peace.”

His post was not understood by everyone, who saw it as praise for the Caudillo, but it opened the door to the irony of many other users.

Each one took the discussion to their own field, including the world of video games.

The discussion, which ended up fueling the hashtag “With Franco” until it rose to the top of the trends, also inflamed the spirits of users opposed to the Pedro Sánchez government, who took advantage of the discussion to criticize the president. And also to remove the debate from irony and take it to goods that did exist in the Dictatorship