When Telegram closes: alternatives to use the messaging app

Telegram It is an instant messaging application, with several features that differentiate it from other apps. Is a platform that allows you to send text, voice and video messages to anyone in the world. worldregardless of the distance or device that is used. The words travel to the speed of lightchallenging the barriers of time and the space. You can share files of any type, from photos and videos until documents and musicwithout size limitations, where creativity can be expressed without restrictions.

It allows thousands of people to gather in groups or create channels to disseminate information to audiences in an unlimited way and share interests, ideas and experiences, building solid and dynamic communities. It also protects privacy with secret chats that are self-destruct, encrypted messages and advanced security options. Has Bots intelligent (program that performs repetitive tasks) that automate tasks, games to have fun with friends, integrated payments to facilitate transactions and much more.

This app worldwide has more than 700 million of users per month, who are active (January 2024). In 2023 it had a growth of 200 million of new users and found in the eighth place of downloads among social media applications.

In Spain has more than 20 million of active users, an average of 42% of the population. In the download ranking it is in the fourth place, The app has experienced exponential growth in recent years, especially during the pandemic. COVID-19.

This messaging platform in Spain is on a tightrope. Last 23 of March, he judge of the Santiago Pedraz National Court ordered the precautionary blocking of the application following a complaint by Mediaset, Atresmedia and Movistar Plus+. The judge has paralyzed the order to block Telegram in Spain and has extended the investigation launched after the complaints for six more months

The reasons behind the possible closure

  • The complaining companies accuse Telegram of allowing the illegal distribution of its audiovisual content on public channels.
  • Judge Pedraz argues that Telegram has not collaborated effectively to identify and eliminate channels that infringe copyright.
  • The judge has ordered the Spanish telecommunications operators block access to Telegram in Spain while the case is investigated.

In which other countries is it not allowed to use Telegram?

  • China: The Chinese government banned Telegram in 2015 for national security reasons.
  • Russia: Telegram was blocked in Russia for two years (2018-2020) for refusing to provide encryption keys to authorities.
  • Iran: Access to Telegram has been restricted in Iran since 2018 for political reasons.

What are the alternatives to Telegram?

  • WhatsApp: The most popular messaging app in the world, owned by Meta, offers an experience similar to Telegram, although with fewer features and less security.
  • Signal: A secure, open source messaging app that has become a popular alternative to Telegram.
  • Item: A decentralized messaging platform that offers greater privacy and control over data.

The future of Telegram in Spain remains uncertain. The final decision on its closure will rest with the National Court. However, this case has opened an important debate about the lfreedom of expressionthe intellectual property and the role of digital platforms in today's society.