WhatsApp will allow mentioning contacts in states

WhatsApp updates are a constant and a benchmark in the world of social networks. If we recently mentioned the impossibility of taking screenshots, now it's time to talk about the possibility of mention one of the contacts in our agenda in the states of the messaging app.

With this update, WhatsApp aims to improve features by allowing users to preview the first shared status update through its thumbnail, eliminating the need to open each update individually, but not only that. The new tool allows users improve interaction with your contacts by being able to tag them in them.

As you can see in the screenshot, WhatsApp is currently in the process of developing this feature for which the mentioned users will receive an immediate notification when they are mentioned. With this next feature available in a future update, users will have the ability to directly involve specific contacts in their status updates. This will make it easier for your updates to grab attention and prevent them from being overlooked.

This is what this new update will look likewabetainfowabetainfo

The new function is supposed to will significantly improve interactivity with status updates. Users will have the ability to directly involve their contacts in their updates, improving their interaction with the people who matter most to them. Additionally, we believe that WhatsApp can improve communication by ensuring that users are always aware of relevant status updates.

Of course, here it must be noted that this function conflicts with measures to protect user privacy: many of our contacts may not want anyone to know about them. It has also not been mentioned If there is a tool that prevents our contact from being seen once we are mentioned. And this is essential for the future, since anyone who sees a person's updates could have access to those they mention. It is also not clear whether the mention is the username, the full name or also includes the possibility of contact.

The feature is in development and will be available in a future app update.