WhatsApp prevents screenshots of profile photos

In the last two years WhatsApp has taken several measures to strengthen the security of its platform. It is now possible to select options so that we only see an image or video once or that we do not have to worry if they are forwarded. And now, to raise the bar a little higher, Meta is implementing blocking screenshots for profile pictures on WhatsApp.

Work had already begun on this option in February, but the release of the feature had not been officially announced, one that appears to be testing it extensively with a server-side insertion. In fact, we have tried to take a screenshot, with different operating systems and it has not been possible. In these cases, WhatsApp displays an error that says it cannot take a screenshot due to application restrictions.

Screenshots in WhatsAppWhatsAppWhatsApp

What you can do is, as we see in the image, take a photo with another mobile phone. Or and this may change in the future, take screenshots of WhatsApp group profiles. Perhaps in this case because we are supposed to be part of it and have the permissions. Or because they tend to be generic images.

Screenshot blocking would be enabled by default. We do not need to update it and we cannot deactivate it eitheror in any sense: we cannot allow them to take screenshots of our profile, nor is there the option to take one in a hidden mode.

Of course, it is possible to take a screenshot of the mini pop-up window that appears when you touch the display photo of a contact in the chat list. Obviously, you can click a profile picture image from another phone's camera. Or can use WhatsApp Web or the desktop app to take a screenshot of the image of the person from their PC. Still, this WhatsApp privacy feature should make life difficult for scammers and stalkers.

Once Meta officially implement screenshot blocking for profile pictures, you will have an advantage over Signal. While the latter is a more privacy-focused communication platform, it does not prevent users from taking screenshots of the images displayed. Even Telegram lacks an option to bypass blocking profile picture screenshots.

Given the increase in scams floating around on social media, blocking screenshots for profile pictures is a welcome change. It won't stop them from trying to deceive usbut at least it will make it a little more difficult.