What saint is celebrated today, Friday, May 17? What you should know about the saints of the Catholic Church

Today, Friday, May 17, A total of eight saints are commemorated, among them San Pascual Baylón.. Below, we explore in detail the life and legacy of Saint Pascual Baylón, as well as the other holy figures remembered on this day.

The saints of the Catholic Church remember the history of men and women who were important at different stages in history, influencing everyday life with his works. Her example and her life are collected with the intention of being remembered and serving as an inspiration to other people.

Today's saint, Friday, May 17: San Pascual Baylón

Saint Pascual Baylón was born on May 16, 1540 in Torrehermosa, Zaragoza, Spain. From a very young age, he worked as a sheep herder, which allowed him to spend long hours in nature, meditating and praying. Despite his humble origins and lack of formal education, Pascual showed great interest in faith and reading, learning to read and write with the help of the Bible.

His life took a significant turn when had a vision of Jesus Christ during a ceremony in Monforte del Cid. This event, known as the miracle of the appearance of the Eucharist in the Hermitage of the Apparitionconsolidated his faith and inspired him to dedicate himself completely to religious life. Pascual joined the Franciscan order in it convent of Our Lady of Orito and then in the Convent of Santa Ana del Monte in Jumilla, Murcia.

Miracles and vocation

Throughout his religious life, numerous miracles were attributed to him. Among the best known are the multiplication of bread for the poor and the healing of numerous sick people, as well as the gift of prophecy. These miracles made him a highly respected and revered figure. He is also patron of works, associations and Eucharistic congresses, as well as of cooks and diocese of Segorbe-Castellón.

His life of humility, devotion and miracles led him to be canonized in 1690 by Pope Alexander VIII. Saint Pascual Baylón died on May 17, 1592 in the Rosario Convent in Villarreal.

Veneration in the Catholic Church

San Pascual Baylón is particularly venerated in the Valencian Community, where he spent much of his life. In the Alicante region, his memory is celebrated with great fervor. The festivities in his honor include processions, solemn masses and other acts of devotion that attract numerous faithful each year. His life of humility and service remains a model for many, and his influence extends beyond Spain, with devotees in various parts of the world.

San Juan BaylonThe reason

In Christian iconography, Saint Pascual Baylón is frequently represented with a Franciscan habit, in an attitude of prayer before the Eucharist. She is often shown with an angel holding a monstrance, symbolizing his deep Eucharistic devotion.

Other saints of the day: Saints of the Catholic Church

In addition to San Pascual Baylón, today, Friday, May 17, 2024, other people are commemorated seven anniversaries within the Saints of the Catholic Church:

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  • Saint Emiliano of Vercelli
  • Saint Peter Liu Wenyuan
  • Santa Restituta
  • Saint Victor of Alexandria
  • Blessed Antonia Mesina
  • Blessed Julia Salzano