What jobs will disappear and what professions will emerge as digitalization advances?

There are more and more voices that suggest that many of the current professions could disappear by the end of this dandeach: telephone operatorsonics, travel agents, banking employees, data recorders, customer service personnel, translators and the majority of profiles related to secretarial, administration and accounting seem to face a serious threat of disappearance due to the emergence of technology. But the interesting thing is to discover how these professional profiles can reinvent themselves to continue offering their talent.

The truth is that, according to the National Institute of Statistics, 47% of Spanish companies currently have difficulties finding workers with digital skills suitable for the requirements of their positions. Why?and this lack of digital professionals? Although more than half of Spaniards have basic digital skills, professional careers in the digital economy are becoming increasingly complex.

It's not all bad news

While a large part of society claims to see their jobs in danger, others, such as Juanjo Amorín, president and creator of Qualentum, envision a panorama full of opportunities for growth and innovation. From this platform they create quarries of technological personnellogical for compacompanies with high demand for this type of profiles.

We are not facing the end of times, but rather a paradigm shift. It is essential to adapt to the change driven by technological development and focus on emerging professions. For example, teleoperators can migrate toward roles focused on customer experience, such as machine training and data analysis processes.. But for that, you have to be aware of what is coming and prepare.“says Amorin.

And according to an MIT study, 85% of job growth in the United Stateslast 80 toños has its origin in the new positions that were born in the heat of technologyto.

A paradigm that Qualentum knows well, since its proposal is based on alliances with companies to select junior talent, specializing it ad-hoc with a final layer of training.n technological and/or digital and incorporate it into companies so that it is productive from day oneto.

Thanks to this work hand in hand with companies to detect their needs for digital and technological talent, this company dares to highlight the productive profiles they already have zero unemployment“, and so continuefor yearsyou. Because,They also point out that Artificial Intelligence is not going to eliminate computer science and technology profiles: on the contrary, it will professionalize them. They are the following:

Frontend Developer– Responsible for implementing attractive and functional web designs; plays a fundamental role in the user experience.

DevOps Developer: performanceIt plays a crucial role in creating efficient software by combining development and operations skills. His agile approach and ability to integrate processes are highly valued in the industry.

Systems administrator: This profile is responsible for managing operating systems and network services to guarantee the stability and security of a company's technological infrastructure.

On the other hand, in the field of digital marketing and data management, companies alsoandn they exhaustively search for professionals with specific skills. Some of the most in-demand profiles are:

CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) Specialist: Increase website conversion rate through optimizationdesign numberdesign, content and user experience.

Digital Advertising Specialist: Manage fieldPaid advertising campaigns on various digital channels to increase brand visibility and reach.

SEO Specialist: Improve a company's online visibility through optimization strategiesn for b enginessearch, increasing your positioning in search resultsdry

Some profiles to consider if we take into account that in Spain There are around 120,000 vacancies of digital employment, and it is estimated that there are another 200,000 jobs related to the digital economy that are notn officially registered.