“We unite talent and technology to boost business growth”

What is the value proposition that MIO Group offers to the market?

We are a strategic consulting firm expert in the integration of marketing and digital transformation services, aimed at generating value for our clients' businesses globally. This generation of value is materialized in our ability to help companies generate positive impact, in terms of results, through the combination of two of the fundamental pillars that are part of our DNA: innovation and the human factor.

How has the company's growth been since its creation in 2012?

The history of the company begins in 2012, when we founded HMG, the Group's digital agency that was born with the aim of offering highly specialized marketing and advertising services that covered the gaps that we had detected in the market. From that moment and very naturally, we began a strategy of acquiring brands complementary to HMG's digital services, with which we could respond to the demand for a comprehensive service that many of our clients asked of us, thus incorporating our offer new lines of business. Today, MIO Group is made up of 9 integrated companies: Mio Consulting, Datarmony, SuperReal, Firma, Voilà, Zond, HMG, HRadio and Dendary. This brand ecosystem offers a differential advantage: the ability to merge strategy and operations into a single proposal, integrating Strategy (Technology and Data), Creation (Brand and Content) and Activation (Awareness and Performance) services, according to the needs of each project.

What does the new purpose and visual identity that you have just presented to the market mean in terms of evolution?

At MIO Group we have a corporate purpose, which reflects the company's commitment to uniting talent and technology, as catalysts for change, thus promoting the growth of people and companies. This positioning is one more step in our differentiation strategy and opens a new stage for the company to face the current and future challenges of our clients. As part of this new positioning strategy, at MIO Group we have updated the corporate image. This new visual identity seeks to reinforce the evolution of the Group, as well as its growth, based on the search for synergies between the companies that make it up and on the acquisition of new firms that allow us to expand our capabilities.

What is the current structure of the company?

With an international perspective, at MIO Group we accompany our clients wherever they are. Thus, we focus on being a long-term partner, generating synergies and detecting paths for growth and consolidation. We currently have more than 300 employees and offices in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Lisbon, Mexico, Colombia and the USA. In addition, we have reinforced the management team with new high-level executive profiles, who have been incorporated with the mission of strengthening the Group's structures and processes to absorb growth, both organic and via acquisitions, as well as prepare it to scale our service offering. and international operations.

MIO Group is a strategic consulting firm expert in the integration of marketing and digital transformation services.

What geographic market do you operate in?

Our internationalization strategy in this first phase is based mainly on supporting our clients in those key markets where they have a presence, combined with the detection of new direct business opportunities in international destinations. The first half of 2023 has precisely highlighted the significant growth of international business (56.6%), which already constitutes 16.1% of the group's global business volume. In America, the subsidiary with which we have operated in Mexico for four years has been reinforced by the commercial operation that Firma maintains in its subsidiary in the United States. Likewise, we have created a new company in Colombia that serves as both a new commercial subsidiary and an operations hub. For its part, in Europe, we have developed an alliance with various independent companies that operate in countries such as Holland, the United Kingdom, Italy or Germany, to be able to provide service to those brands that need global strategies with centralized management.

How is your service offering organized?

We have the Strategy division (Technology and Data) which is in charge of discovering and applying advanced strategies, combining efficient processes with technology and an innovative business approach. Here we offer strategic consulting services, business intelligence, data analytics and Artificial Intelligence. We also have Creation (Brand and Content), from where we give life to ideas that build and transform brands, taking them towards horizons where the creative, technological and innovative possibilities are infinite. In this sense, we offer creativity and branding, Social Media, SEO and web development services. For its part, from the Activation division (Awareness and Performance) we drive brands towards success with transformative campaigns that guarantee effective results and an exceptional return on investment. To do this, we offer media management services, digital marketing strategy and management, and sales in marketplaces.

Is there room for innovation in a sector like this?

Of course, innovation is in our DNA from the beginning. At MIO Group we have been pioneers in incorporating technology, such as Artificial Intelligence, to maximize return on investments and optimize results for brands of all levels of digital maturity. Our difference, and our advantage, lies in the ability we have to orchestrate all marketing-related processes to achieve a measurable impact on our clients' business, providing them with the appropriate technology to achieve maximum efficiency and optimizing resources by relying on the advanced data analysis. We understand innovation as a transformative element for our clients. Our business plan is oriented towards the adoption of cutting-edge technologies related to artificial intelligence, as well as linking and working with key partners in the technology and innovation sector such as Adobe, Microsoft, Google, Meta and TikTok.

What are the company's future plans?

Our company's future plan is structured around three levers: M&A, innovation and internationalization. M&A activity will allow us to continue gaining size, both through organic and inorganic growth, and at a national and international level. Along with this, our innovative capacity directly impacts our position in the market as a reference and technological facilitator for our clients. Finally, our growth axis is completed with the internationalization of the Group and the expansion of operations with global clients.