Waste from associated companies to convert into energy: the new AECOC project

The sustainability It has become one of the main axes that govern the political agenda and the activity of practically any company. The objective is none other than recycle to reduce the ecological impact of economic activity and also save costs: those dThe ideas have been brought together in the project launched by the Association of Manufacturers and Distributors (AECOC)which seeks to add the waste and surpluses generated by its associated companies to convert them into biogas, high-quality bio-fertilizers, biostimulants for agriculture and fats for biodiesel.

The association, which includes large companies in the food industryhas launched this project that will be developed in a biodigester plant based on larvae in Alcarràs (Lleida), which will be part of the circular bioeconomy hub that AECOC has in the city and which aspires to be the largest in southern Europe.

The plant will have the capacity to process and valorize 40,000 tons per year of methanization digestate, obtained from waste and byproducts. Once processed, organic fertilizers will be obtained, both in solid and liquid formats, biostimulants with amino acids for agriculture and fats for biodiesel and industry. The project is based on an activity that aims to eliminate waste and avoid the generation of new waste.

AECOC has launched this project under the premise of helping the companies that are part of the association to solve innovation challenges under the Open Innovation program, which includes 20 leading companies in FMCG and Horeca innovation that work collaboratively and represent the entire value chain.