Virtual Reality: Sony stops production of PSVR 2 until current stocks are reduced

Released a little over a year ago, PSVR 2 does not seem to be receiving the reception Sony expected. According to Bloomberg, the company has decided pause manufacturing of new units of its latest model of virtual reality headset and only intends to resume production when current stocks decrease. Sources consulted by the North American media affirm that, despite achieving a good launch, sales of the device have not stopped falling since 2023. To date, the Japanese company has produced approximately 2 million units of the helmet, but no exact figures have been published on how many of them have been sold.

Until current stock is sold

The specialists consulted by the media assure that PSVR 2 has its high price as the main obstacle to achieving the desired expansion. In the United States, a unit is paid for 549 dollars, a price that rises to 599 euros in the European market. We must not forget that we are dealing with an accessory that depends on a PlayStation 5 unit to operate, so the set would exceed a thousand euros of investment. The same notes point out that PSVR 2 also suffers from the limited number of video games and software compatible with the device. Although some titles from the original PSVR catalog have been adapted to run on the new device, it usually also means a new investment of money for consumers.

PSVR 2 SensePlayStation

Layoffs at PlayStation

Furthermore, Sony's own board of directors does not seem to be too satisfied with its commercial performance. Recently, the company confirmed the layoff of 900 people from the PlayStation division. Personnel adjustments represent around 8% of the workforce and involve teams from all over the world, such as London Studios, whose specialty was, precisely, virtual reality software. Similarly, the scissors are applied to the team of the British Firesprite, the developer responsible for 'Horizon Call of the Mountain', one of the titles that was intended to be the banner of the possibilities that technology offers. The sources consulted also point out that issues such as weight and the fact that they cause nausea In some users they also hinder its popularity from establishing itself.

As a way to overcome the situation, the house's executives have already shown themselves willing to expand the range of customers who can access PSVR 2, ensuring that the headsets will receive the necessary tools to support PC compatibility in 2024. Bringing its technology to computers seems like a move consistent with a strategy focused on extending its influence (and along the way, the division's global benefits). In addition to allowing more consumers to discover its possibilities, it also opens up a space that third-party developers interested in working with its functions can take advantage of. Everyone wins.