Video game and comics week: V Rising and Savage Dragon, other protagonists of the cultural field

One more week we are here, prepared to compile the most relevant releases in the interactive entertainment sector and, as usual, we have prepared a complete list of the video games that will be launched between May 6 and 10, 2024, for Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, mobile devices and PC. Among the main names not only of the week, but of the month of May, is 'V Rising' on Steam, which will abandon Early Access and receive the first commercial version for computer pending its expected arrival on PlayStation 5 this year.

We also did not overlook the publication of 'Little Kitty, Big City' a production for Xbox Series, Xbox One, Switch and PC, destined to fill the screens of lovers of open world experiences (and charming kittens) with happiness. 'Crow Country', 'Brocula', 'Gatekeeper' and 'Animal Well', close the chapter regarding the most interesting releases in the video game sector, but since not everything is going to be playing, for the same price, we also bring together some of the most notable publications of the week in comic format. Will you join us to discover all these new features and more?

Video games of the week

It goes on sale on Monday, May 6th.Plushie from the Sky'(PC); and just one day later it premieres 'Farm Together 2'(PC); 'Heading Out'(PC); and 'Abyss'(PC). Wednesday will be the turn of 'V Rising'(PC); and 'gift' (PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series). For Thursday, May 9, the arrival of 'Little Kitty, Big City' (PC, Xbox Series, Xbox One, Switch); 'Animal Well' (PC, PS5, Xbox Series); 'Brocula' (PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series); 'Crow Country' (PC, PS5, Xbox Series); 'Cryptomaster'(PC); 'Rabbit and Steel'(PC); 'King Arthur: Legion IX'(PC); 'The Bridge Curse 2: The Extrication'(PC); '1000xRESIST'(PC); 'Rainbow Cotton' (PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Switch). Friday is reserved for the release of 'Gatekeeper'(PC); 'Cyber ​​Manhunt 2: New World' (PC) and 'Garten of Banban 7'(PC).

V Rising – Release May 8, 2024

Platforms: PC

Having managed to attract considerable attention during the Early Access phase, the first commercial version of 'V Rising' is finally ready to debut. Since its initial publication in May 2022, the video game Stunlock Studios has received an important series of updates and expansions, which has led it to become one of the games of themed survival most popular during its public creation process and now the time has come to launch its final version. The game will be distributed on PC via Steam and will also come to PlayStation in the future. We do not know exactly when it will land on the Sony console, although its publication for 2024 is not ruled out.

“Explore a vast world filled with mythological horrors and danger. Travel through lush forests, vast rural fields and dark caverns to discover valuable resources, making both friends and enemies along the way. Enter this world alongside your vampiric comrades or be the lone hunter as you plunder villages, raid bandits, and delve into the domains of supernatural beasts,” his synopsis reveals.

Brocula – Release May 9, 2024

Platforms: Xbox One, Xbox Series, PC

The winner of Developer Acceleration Program from @Xbox, debuts on consoles and computers with an adventure that combines simulation and strategy in the figure of a vampire, who after a nap of 500 years awakens in a reality that he does not recognize. Without wealth, Brocula will begin to discover the labyrinth of capitalism, accepting part time jobs at an auto shop or a local coffee shop to earn a living. Added to all this is that its ruined castle presents other challenges. You must work to repair the fortress, overcome bureaucratic obstacles and recover the town mayor's villa. In general terms, the video game promises an attractive format based on money and social struggles.

“Embark on a magical adventure as Brocula, a vampire who awakens after centuries in torpor. He earns money with part-time jobs, explores the town, recovers your castle and improves your vampire skills,” explains his product sheet.

Little Kitty, Big City – Released May 9, 2024

Platforms: Xbox Series, Xbox One, Switch, PC

In 'Little Kitty, Big City', players will be irremediably encouraged to help a kitten who is lost in a big city. On your way back home, You will explore a colorful city, help other animals in various tasks and missions, or cause chaos the way only a cat can do. Other main lines of production include light naps in the sun, committing small thefts such as distracting a human's food, knocking over pots (with plants much better) and other various cat crimes. Its format is apparently simple: you control a black kitten that has been lost and you must take it home, but along the way different ways of interacting with other animals and objects in this city will open up, including the possibility of putting cute hats on our protagonist. .

“You are a curious little kitten with a big personality on an adventure to find your way back home. Explore the city, make new friends with stray animals, wear charming hats and leave more than a little chaos in your wake. After all, isn't that what cats do best?” says the synopsis.

Paper releases

In the editorial panorama we open the week with the publication of the initial volume of the saga 'Savage Dragon' by Erik Larsen, and then get caught up in 'Hitomi', in which HS Tak finds in the art of Isabella Mazzanti an incentive to tell the interesting story of a wanderer in search of revenge who struggles to find her place in a world. In 'Top 10', Alan Moore formed a creative team with Gene Ha and Zander Cannon to come up with his umpteenth genius: a combination of superhero and police genres turned into a cult work that now reaches Spanish bookstores.

Savage Dragon Comic Planet

Savage Dragon – Comic Planet

A criminal mastermind named OverLord controlled the city of Chicago with a terrifying iron fist. The police force was losing the battle against OverLord and his super-spawn when something unexpected happened. When they found it, He had no memory of his past., but will soon adopt the identity of Dragon. Created by American comic book author Erik Larsen, 'Savage Dragon' made its first appearance in Megaton magazine, released in July 1986. Dragon is a huge humanoid with a fin on its head whose superpowers include super strength, invulnerability, and a advanced healing.

Top 10 - Hitomi
Top 10 – HitomiECC Editions – Panini Comics

Top 10 – ECC Editions

In 'Top 10', Alan Moore formed a creative team with Gene Ha and Zander Cannon to dream up a city whose inhabitants have superpowers and in delving into the lives of those destined to solve and prevent crimes. Roby Slinger, alias Toybox, is a police officer who has recently joined Police Station 10, who together with her colleagues will have to investigate the strangest cases that have occurred in the city.

Hitomi – Panini Comics

A wanderer looking for revenge Against the man who killed her family, she tracks down Yasuke, a legendary samurai fallen from grace, in the hope that he can teach her the code of Bushido, so she can embark on her own path as a warrior. Yasuke agrees, hoping to gain an ounce of redemption for that act. Soon, the two begin to travel the ancient paths of Edo, where men, monsters and myths end up offering them more than enough training opportunities. Thus begins a journey in which Hitomi will face a much greater and more elusive challenge: the struggle to find her place in a tumultuous world in which discrimination and violence are the order of the day.