UPR study in Ponce confirms it: mangroves help mitigate underwater noise

Scientists of the University of Puerto Rico (UPR) in Ponce showed that the mangroves They help mitigate underwater noise, a finding that contributes to the reasons why the protection and reforestation of these coastal ecosystems should be promoted.

The discovery, which will be published in the Caribbean Journal Of Sciencealso contributes to the call to protect the fishsince it is proven that noise and sounds interfere with its playback.

In interview with The new day, Francisco Castro RiveraBiology student, explained that the purpose of the study was to measure the impact of anthropogenic sound caused by the Aguirre power plant, in the Jobos Bay National Estuarine Research Reservein Salinas. Using an underwater microphone, the researchers recorded the noise frequencies at nine points of different proximity to the thermoelectric plant.

“We obtained that the frequencies of (the Aguirre plant) were present at quite low frequencies in areas closer to Aguirre, even at points up to two kilometers from Aguirre. But, when we began to take points within the mangrove system of Bahía de Jobos, we realized that the Aguirre sound signal was considerably diminished and, in other points, it could not even be heard”Castro Rivera added.