Universities transform their curricula to respond to climate action

Professors of the Río Piedras Campus of the University of Puerto Rico (UPR) decided to transform the curricula of their courses so that they respond to climate action, in order to devise solutions that contribute to communities, as well as put theory into practice.

During the Second Symposium on Climate Education and Society –held this week–, professor Wilmer Rivera De Jesus He reported that, to design his course syllabus, he analyzed which elements of the Sustainable Development Goals They could be applied to the curricular theme and how they could be worked on as solutions.

“The idea is to promote, through education, that even with the climate crisis that is being experienced in Puerto Rico and the world there are solutions, from the individual and collective”he said, in reference to the objective of “Alliances to achieve objectives.”

In collaboration with the Yaguazo CorridorRivera De Jesús students from the course “Climate Change and Caribbean Ecological Systems” developed analysis of the environmental conditions in the Ciénaga Las Cucharillas Natural Reserve and biological analyzes of the populations of black cobana – a tree exclusive to Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic – that take place in the reserve.