Traditional power strips could have their days numbered: this is the device that can replace them

We live in a society that is increasingly connected to each other. To do this, individuals turn to technology and increasingly more to electronic devices such as tablets, computers, mobile phones… Given this, the need arises for charge multiple devices at the same timesomething for which the use of the power strip.

However, these technological sections have caused problemsthatsometimes, have led to fires. Therefore, a new device could put an end to the use of the traditional power strip and make this have the days counted.

A cargo cube

This multi-charging device with minimalist appearance It could be the substitute for the conventional power strip. These devices have four plugs and three USB ports to charge electronic devices. Some even have a system where you can charge smartphones quickly and wirelessly.

Thus, a TikTok user (@tuferreterodeconfianza) stated that these devices are easy to use and, in addition, they have a very nice aesthetics. However, this device, whose Price on the market does not usually exceed 20 eurosis already becoming popular on social networks, although at the moment hasn't gained much support among users.

“Tired of €8 power strips? I give you the solution, buy me a cube with fewer plugs for €30” or “Well I'm left with the ones I've always hadand cheaper” are some of the comments that can be read in the video.