Torrential rains in the desert will no longer be exceptional due to the heat of the sea

Madrid — The episodes of torrential rains in desert areaslike the one that the Arabian Peninsula in the Persian Gulf has just suffered, they will no longer be exceptional and they will tend to be more common due to the warming of ocean water and its impact on the effect of large storm systems.

“In recent times, for the global warming“We are seeing that even in countries with extreme dryness, episodes also occur in which it rains more than the annual average in a single day,” meteorologist José Miguel Viñas, from Meteored, explains to Efe.

With a warmer sea surface, as is happening, “there are increasingly more favorable conditions” so that, in situations with large storm structures – such as the one that, specifically, moved across the Arabian Peninsula – the result would be “rains of extraordinary intensity”, adds the expert.

He warns that there has been speculation about whether cloud seeding programs are being carried out in these countries; Those things that are said “have no basis,” says the meteorologist.