Today is Pi Day, we tell you why

The date 3/14 (according to the format used in the United States) is celebrated by international organizations and research centers as Pi Day, an irrational number that hides the keys to navigation, algorithms or artificial intelligence.

The “3.141592…. ” (the sequence is infinite) has been for centuries the most fascinating and studied of the numbers; first for revealing the relationship between the perimeter and the diameter of a circle – crucial in calculus -, but later in all areas of knowledge: in physics, in engineering, in many medical advances, in quantum computing or to understand the rules that govern the Universe.

The mathematician David Riosprofessor of risk analysis and data science at the Institute of Mathematical Sciences (ICMAT) of Superior Council of Scientific Investigations In Spain, he observed that pi is also behind the algorithm that advises the next purchase, that suggests a song or a book, economic predictions and automatic machine learning.