Those close to Sánchez panic before Puigdemont: “The only thing left to do is give in or this thing falls”

Deputies and senior officials Socialists have gone into panic mode before the imminent votethis Wednesday, of the first decree laws approved in the Council of Ministers. In Moncloa they are fully aware that they have no alternative but to give in to the demands of Junts, and the last minute calls to the PP are a distraction movement because where they fight the real battle is in the fight with their partners. The PP’s “no” is certain. So that the party Alberto Núñez Feijóo If he gave them his support, they would have to accept his conditions, and even so, if this situation were to arise, this would open up internal tensions because there are an important sector of the partyheaded by the Madrid president, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, contrary to anything being agreed with Pedro Sánchez after having agreed on an amnesty with Carles Puigdemont and the socialist leader having not respected the list with the most votes in the general elections.

The socialist leaders who have found “labor” refuge in the agreement with the independence and nationalist parties, from which the investiture of President Sánchez was born, they already see the ground shaking under their feet, their stability in office and the salaries they collect in the medium term. And although they want to trust that Moncloa will be able to save the situation at the last moment, the slogan has begun to circulate among them that The crisis opened by the voting of these first decrees will be “the penance” to be paid while the legislature lastsand that this depends only on the rule that “You have to give them what they ask for or this thing falls apart”.

There is unease, and among those most loyal to Sánchez the distrust of the last electoral stage regarding their ability to keep the situation under control.

The resounding parliamentary defeat that Junts announces, unless its demands are accepted, has a greater cost than accepting the withdrawal of the decrees, as Carles Puigdemont also requests, to send them again cut into pieces and adjusted to the demands of the independence movement.

By the way, The core of the Government’s decision is absolutely hermetic, is limited to Sánchez’s closest collaborators in the Moncloa “plumbing” and the two ministers participating in the negotiation with Puigdemont, the vice president and Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, and the Minister of Justice, Félix Bolaños. The other ministers have been excluded from everything: The conversations with Puigdemont and his collaborators are not shared in the Council of Ministers, and even the vice president, Yolanda Díaz, moves blindly in many aspects, although she hides it better than the others. The same thing happens in the PSOE, except for the exception of Santos Cerdán.

This silence makes the nerves of those who have tied their own personal future to the stability of the coalition, and that, by the way, they did not expect a blow from this entity so soon and when the amnesty has not yet come to fruition. But is that this “no” from Carles Puigdemont’s partyexcept last minute change, has also taken by surprise even to those select few who are more aware of the bilateral negotiation. Not because Junts did not come warning that they were not going to follow the same strategy as ERC in the last legislature: «They were warned, but they did not want to take the warnings seriously either they have believed their own speech regarding the supposed progressive majority that supports Pedro, which does not exist as their spokespersons describe it, or they have not yet become aware of their parliamentary weakness, and “Not having your feet on the ground leads to these scares.”, they reflect on Puigdemont’s surroundings. Today there is no variable geometry that works nor is there an alternative agenda to independence that can serve to keep all partners in the fold.

Besides, Junts also wants it to be spread who has used the first opportunity he had before him to show his misgivings and his lack of trust towards Sánchez. The social agenda or the EU’s impositions are subject, for them, to the main objective, make the amnesty effective as soon as possibleAnd in second place, continue taking steps towards independence. And the Government’s appeal to responsibility, so as not to lose 10,000 million European funds and maintain social shield aid, has no effect even on its partners, Junts and Podemos –((LINK:INTERNO|||Article|||659bed2ec338b0e40d4c3600 |||the purple ones have joined at the last minute in the refusal to support two of the three decree laws–)) nor in the PP. «This is not a problem of responsibility, as Moncloa’s propaganda maintains, but of try to impose a swallow on others for the greater glory of Sánchez».