This will be the 25-minute demonstration of the Vision Pro in Apple stores

Augmented and virtual reality glasses VisionPro They are the first new product category that Apple has launched since 2015, the year of the first Apple Watch. So far this century, the company can count each of them (iPod, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch) as successes, but the case of the Apple Pro is different. It is not an intuitive product for the user on the first contactas were the previous ones, and a bad user experience can ruin the expectations of a device that will cost $3,500 in the United States when it goes on sale next February 2. For this reason, Apple has prepared a extensive 25 minute demo that company employees will offer in Apple stores to interested customers.

According to Bloomberg, the company has been training this month to hundreds of Apple store employees at their Cupertino headquarters so they can carry out these demonstrations and ensure the best customer experience. Larger stores will have a dozen Vision Pro units on displayalthough the most common will be between 2 and 4 per store.

Before starting the demo itself, an employee adjusts the device to the user and explains its control. For it, your face is scanned with an app and based on your information they adjust straps and cushions (two sizes) and the light seal that prevents the outside from entering (25 shapes and sizes). If the client wears glasses, it is used another device to measure your diopters and each store has hundreds of lenses for use with the Vision Pro. During this process, another employee adjusts the Vision Pro glasses to the user’s characteristics.

Once with the device on and after making sure that the client is comfortable, the explanations on how to handle the glasses come: how to control the pointer with your eyes, how to do gestures to make selections and how to use the digital crown to move between virtual and augmented reality. The employee will see on an iPad what the Vision Pro shows to the user.

It is also done a calibration with several tracking and touch exercises so that the device correctly follows eyes and hands. After this last step, the demonstration itself begins, which is made up of four blocks and takes about 25 minutes.

The user is first directed to the application Photos where you can view and manage a series of still images pre-installed on the device, including panoramic ones.

The user then accesses the 3D space photos and videos. In the first case, a child hitting a piñata and in the second a birthday party. These types of videos can now be recorded with the iPhone 15 Pro with iOS version 17.2.

The next part of the demo shows how to use the device instead of a computer. Explains how to move multiple windows of different applications and use Safari to browse the web.

Finally, customers will be able to see immersive 3D movies with clips of wild animals, oceans and sports. The medium highlights one that places the user as if they were on a tightrope.