This is why Google can delete everything you have in Gmail, Photos and Drive

In 2014, Google increased the storage capacity it offers in its free accounts for the last time. Unified the available for Gmail (10 GB) with the Drive and Photos (5 GB for both), but what was then perceived as a very generous amount is much less so a decade later. If in its first ten years, Gmail went from 1 GB to 5, to 10 and then to 15, since then the only option the company has given is to increase the space in the account by paying a subscription to Google One.

So it is not uncommon for users to end up using it up. Something that is now going to be more common with one of the latest changes in WhatsApp. Since 2018, the app saves the backup copy of all chats and files (unless this option is disabled in the app settings) in the Google account without discounting the gigabytes that it occupies that the user has available.

This convenience will come to an end in the coming weeks and more than one user will see how with the addition of the WhatsApp backup it exceeds the limit established by Google. The question is, what does Google do then?

On the Google One help page it explains that, when this case occurs, it can take quite expeditious measures such as deleting all user content in Gmail, Photos and Drive. And, of course, also the WhatsApp backup.

The company explains that when a user is using more storage space than they have available, they stop being able to send and receive emails from Gmail, upload files to Photos and Drive, and use tools like Google Docs for anything other than viewing the ones you already have stored.

This is to be expected in a situation like this, but Google goes further if it lasts for a period of 2 years. “If you don’t free up or buy more space to get back within the limit, all of your content in Gmail, Google Photos, and Google Drive (including Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc.) may be deleted. Drawings, Forms and Jamboard)”, says Google.

The removal will be preceded by alerts that the user will receive by email and through notifications in Google products, since 3 months before to proceed with it. You will have the option to delete the necessary files to get back below 15 GB or hire more space from Google, which It is ultimately what the company is looking for..