This is what you can now do for free with ChatGPT and previously required paying for ChatGPT Plus

OpenAI presented two weeks ago GPT-4oits latest language model for generative AI ChatGPT. One of the surprises of the announcement was that the company's most advanced language model would reach both paid and free version usersleveling both and greatly reducing the distance that separated them. OpenAI He said that the deployment would be gradual, but the truth is that it has gone quickly and is now complete.

In a post on X, OpenAI has announced that the capabilities “use navigation, viewing, data analysis, file uploads and GPTs” are now available to all users without distinction.

The truth is that the user experience with AI has changed a lot since the announcement of GPT-4o. The first thing, go from GPT-3.5, GPT-4 In the case of paying users, the new model is a big leap, both in quality of responses and functions. The main difference that will remain between both plans is that ChatGPT users will have to make less intensive use of GPT-4o. Once a certain limit has been reached in a number of queries per hour, the chatbot will return to the old model until the next hour of use. ChatGPT Plus users have a limit 5 times largerwhich is recommended if you are an intensive user of AI.

Other aspects that are exclusive, for now, to the paid version are the new voice capabilities of AI, with reduced latency that allows conversations to be held at a similar pace as with a human. And also the ability to create so-called GPTs. These are personalized versions of the AI ​​focused on different purposes and are available in the GPT store accessible from ChatGPT.

On the other hand, The new functions will also arrive first in the Plus version. The app for computers Mac It is also available only for those in this group and with the Windowswhen it arrives, the same thing will predictably happen.

Now, what have free users gained along with the language model change? First of all, ChatGPT has Internet access and is not limited to the data it was trained on, which spanned until mid-2023. Now it can be asked for any current topic and will respond, sometimes citing links as a source of information.

The capacity of vision It is what allows you to analyze something that the mobile camera is focusing on. Now you can also increase files for you to analyze, both text and images. And you can talk about the content or ask them to summarize the content, for example. And finally, although free version users cannot create GPTs, yes you can use the ones that are available in the corresponding section of the chatbot. For example, that of DALL-E to create images from text descriptions.