This is the new position of the Spanish Army in the world ranking in 2024

With the beginning of 2024 A new edition of the annual ranking prepared by Global Fire Power with the classification of Military power from 145 nations. This index, which is carried out from 2005 With information from open sources, it takes into account more than 60 factors to establish the relationship of forces between the countries evaluated and which include the availability of troops, the total number of weapons and military equipment available to each country, as well as its geographical and economic factors and the local arms industry, among others. This year, Spain Its position has improved from being the twenty-first military power in the world in 2023 to the twentieth in the year that begins. A position that places her just behind Germany and in front of Poland.

The classification, which tops USA followed by Russia, China, India and South Korea It gives Spain an index, called PwrIndx, of 0.2882, which indicates greater military capacity the closer it is to zero. Thus, the United States has a PwrIndx of 0.0699 and Russia of 0.0702 while the last two countries in the ranking, Moldova and Bhutanof 4.2311 and 6.3704 respectively.

In relation to the 2023 report, the four leading powers have remained stable in their positions while United Kingdom has dropped from fifth to sixth. They follow him Japan, Türkiye, Pakistan and Italy.

The following 9 countries with greater military capacity than Spain at the beginning of this 2024 are France, Brazil, Indonesia, Iran, Egypt, Australia, Israel, Ukraine and Germany. The case of Ukraine is notable, which, after almost two years of war against Russia, drops from 15th to 18th place, after having risen from the twenty-second position it had in 2022.

As for our neighboring countries, Portugal rises from 41st to 38th place and Morocco remains at 61.

In NATO and in the European Union

Among the countries of the NATO, Spain remains in seventh position behind the United States, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Italy, France and Germany and ahead of Poland, Canada and Greece.

In the European Unionalso maintains the same fourth position last year in a classification led by Italy, France and Germany and which continue, after Spain, Poland, Sweden, Greece, Portugal, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic.

The best position that Spain has achieved in the Global Fire Power index was in the first report of 2005 in which it appeared as the sixteenth military power in the world. In the period between 2010 and 2017, it did not enter the group of the top 25, where it has remained uninterruptedly since 2018. In 2022 it was ranked 19th and in 2021 it was ranked 18th.


The active personnel of the Armed Forces are around the 133,000 troops, of which 23,000 correspond to the Air and Space Army, 21,000 to the Navy, nearly 76,000 to the Army and about 15,000 to reserve personnel. This places these military bodies in positions 27, 27 and 44, respectively, compared to those of other countries.

Air and Space Army

Going into detail, the Global Fire Power report assesses as “good” the capacity of Air and Space Army As for the number of available aircraft, a total of 513 that places Spain in 23rd place among all countries. The rating drops to “average” when listing the fighters (with 139, 18th place), transport aircraft (with 54, 15th place), training (with 174, 15th place), for special missions (with 13, 22nd place), helicopters (with 121, 33rd place) and attack helicopters (with 17, position 30). The absence of tanker aircraft in the Spanish air fleet, which will be solved with the upcoming incorporation of three Airbus A330-MRTTleaves Spain in last place among all the countries included, 145th.

Naval Force

The Navy receives the same rating of “good” regarding the total of ships (with 168, position 20 out of 145 countries). They receive the rating “average” The number of helicopter carrier shipswhich is the category in which Global Fire Power includes the aircraft carrier LHD Juan Carlos I(with 1, position 5), from frigates (11, 7th place), minesweeper (6, 16th place) and submarines (3, 18th place). More discreet is the number of patrol boats, 23, which relegates the Navy to position 38 in this regard. Spain once again receives the rating of “poor” and occupy the last position among all countries in the number of aircraft carriers, corvettes and destroyers.


He Army It is the Armed Forces body with the worst position in the Global Fire Power rankings. It does not reach the rating of “good” in any aspect and is considered “average” regarding the number of tanks (327, position 38), from armored combat vehicles (15,046, position 31), artillery vehicles (96, 34th place) and towed artillery (140, 53rd place). The lack of systems MLRS for multiple rocket launches relegates Spain to last place in this aspect with a “poor” rating.