This is the new anti-spam function that the Android Phone app will have

An advantage that the operating system has Android about iOS is that it has better options to protect the user from spam. Both systems allow you to block calls from unknown and hidden numbers, but while the Google also has a spam call filterApple's depends on installing a third-party app like TrueCaller to identify and block these types of calls. Now we have known a new feature for the Phone app that improves Android's anti-spam protection.

Android anti-spam call filter is quite effective, but just because it doesn't jump with a number you don't know doesn't mean you can automatically take it for granted. If the call reaches your company number, the logical thing is to return it. But if it is the personal number and knowing the abundant spam calls that reach individuals, not to mention scams, you may think about whether to do it. Or what you do an internet search to see if it is a number that has been reported by other users on websites such as Listspam.

This functionality is what Google will integrate into the app Phone of Android. According to Piunikaweb, beta 127.0.620688474 of the mobile app Pixel it already includes it.

The traditional way of finding out about a phone number from a mobile phone is quite cumbersome. Requires accessing the recent calls list, holding the number and selecting Copy number from the pop-up menu and then open a browser and paste it into the search bar.

The beta of the app includes new options in this pop-up panel, one of them being Lookup or Search. Touching on her, shows the apps with which you can search for information about the number and among them is Google search.

This functionality has already been launched for the Google Pixel in Japan with the March update and is expected to is extended to all Pixels with the one scheduled for June. Google phones are the first to receive the new operating system updates, but these are ending moving to the rest of Android users over timealthough there is no information about when it will reach the rest of the Android ecosystem.