This is the letter you should always put in your passwords to make them more difficult to hack

The security of the passwords It is one of the aspects of everyone's digital life to which you should never stop paying attention. The usual recommendations are well known, but then there is daily life and the having to deal every day with dozens of websites and services for which, in theory, a password unique and safe enough for each of them. Something that very few, if anyone, does head-on..

There are alternatives such as password manager programs or this same function in browsers, which are responsible for generating them, as safe as they are impossible to remember, and storing them for the user. But this locks you into a certain browser or software and also has its own drawbacks.

What everyone would love is a simple way to improve password security and that is what a cybersecurity expert has provided on the @inedito.podcast podcast.

In one of its latest episodes, the ethical hacker José Javier, also known on networks as Hackavis. An ethical hacker is a professional specialized in computer security who is dedicated to finding and correcting vulnerabilities in systems, networks and applications with the aim of protecting them against external attacks. Unlike malicious hackers, ethical hackers act with explicit permission from system owners and their activities are not illegal.

In the podcast, Hackavis explains that there is a way to make our passwords more secure in a simple way. And this is to include the letter Ñ -in capital letters, for clarity- in all of them.

“There are many people, criminal groups, who have not been able to achieve many things because of the fucking Ñ, because they don't have it, uncle. So, a password that would probably take you 5 hours to crack, you put the Ñ in it and it takes 4 weeks. Because when it comes to dictionaries, there is no Ñ, they always have it at the end. So, it's very complicated. The letter Ñ seems not, but it touches the balls a lot. That's curious,” explains the specialist in the podcast.

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Here it is. If you are one of the vast majority of users who repeat passwords back and forth, this tip is an easy way to improve your security without having to put in the effort of creating complicated passwords.