This is the Google app that will disappear after six years of existence

The technology company par excellence, Googleknown primarily for being our favorite search engine, has a large number of applications and functions to make our lives easier. Being a company in constant development of new technologies, This endless number of apps disappear and are replaced by better ones. Very easily.

This time it’s the turn of the famous application of Google PodcastThis platform was launched six years ago, with the idea of ​​entering the market of the sector of podcasts which became popular around 2019/2020, when around 155 million people included this content format in their channels or daily activities.

Podcasts have become increasingly accessible and multiple companies have included this content model or designed applications for it, see the case of Spotify, iMusic, iTunes, SoundCloud, iVooxamong other.

When is Google Podcasts going away?

The English media The Sun comments that users were warned of the app’s closure months in advance. Also because The platform has not existed in the United States since early April.. In September of last year, the technology company announced that this closure would take place to focus its efforts on Youtube music and turn the famous video portal into a space that includes music and podcasts.

One of the biggest criticisms of this change is the incompatibility of mobile phones and YouTube when it comes to listening to content with the screen on standby or off. Users argue that podcasts should not be on the same platform as videos because they serve different purposes. Among them, the purpose of a podcast is to being able to listen to it while you do other tasks in your daily life.

Transfer podcasts to YouTube Music

The technology company is aware that it needs to make a smooth transition so as not to discourage users who are already reluctant to change. Therefore, whether from the application or the website, You will have the option to export the podcasts that you listen to regularly.

If you do it from the app, you must do it from an option at the top of the screen that says ‘Export’, then select ‘to YouTube Music’ and once this is done, enter the YouTube app and approve the transfer.

This process takes a few minutes, but once it’s done correctly, all your subscriptions will appear in your library, plus a button called ‘Podcast’ that lets you explore new podcasts and episodes of ones you already know.