This is how Sora works, the OpenAI tool to generate videos with artificial intelligence

After the explosion of the Artificial intelligence (AI) generation of images at the end of 2022 and 2023, several analyzes predicted that in 2024 it would be video's turn. Until now, publicly available AI video generation tools returned limited results, but on February 15, 2024 OpenAIcompany responsible for ChatGPT and DALL-E, presented Sora, a tool that allows you to generate videos from text instructions.

With this application, You can create videos from scratch or animate existing images. Its results have surprised and generated reactions on social networks, but at the moment it has limitations and its use is restricted to experts. As with this type of technology, questions arise about how it can be used fraudulently or to spread disinformation. We explain what we know about Sora so far.

Sora is a video generation application that is being developed by OpenAI, the company that owns, among others, ChatGPT, which allows you to create moving images from text instructions, photographs or other videos. For the first option, we can enter the description of a woman walking through the streets of Tokyo or a young man reading a book on top of a cloud, and the application will generate a small video fragment that meets these characteristics.