This is how Dani Alves’ mother got the photos of the victim, who issues a warning: “They won’t be able to stop me…”

After a very harsh indictment and months of investigation and leaks, just a month from now, on February 5, the trial against Dani Alves will begin in Barcelona. The Barcelona Court will judge the Brazilian footballer on February 5, 6 and 7 of next year, whom the Prosecutor’s Office accuses of raping a young woman in a booth at a nightclub in the Catalan capital on December 30, 2022 and for whom The victim’s defense asks for nine years in prison and the maximum sentence of 12 years.

During the process, the identity of the complainant was always protected, who from the beginning showed fear of being recognized for fear of receiving threats or offenses from the player’s followers. However, the protection of the victim was blown up after the soccer player’s mother, María Lucia Alves, shared on her Instagram account a questionable video with different images of the alleged victim and where she exposes the identity of this woman who It was kept secret for over a year.

Given this publication and dissemination, the victim has decided to file a complaint for the publication and dissemination of these images, since she considers that data about her privacy has been revealed when the Investigative Court number 15 of Barcelona had expressly prohibited doing so. In this way, Alves’s mother is exposed to criminal proceedings for a crime of revealing secrets.

However, despite the serious consequences that could be faced, it is expected that – in a desperate attempt to help Alves – new elements will come to light, bypassing the protection measures requested by the victim’s lawyer. In fact – after the scandal that arose – the footballer’s mother, who maintains the videos of the alleged rape victim on her Instagram profile, has issued a warning through her “stories”: “There is no point bothering me with messages because they won’t be able to stop me or shut me up.”

Message from Lucía Alves to her detractorsinstagram

A direct message to his detractors that he later completed with another addressed to the footballer: “Son, I’m coming. I hear your voice. Son, I came to help you.”

Message from Lucía Alves
Message from Lucía Alvesinstagram

From those around Alves – according to the newspaper Sport – they point out that images were used that their lawyers have had since last August but that have not been brought to the court. However, it is a video edited with music and comments in Portuguese claiming the player’s innocence. The video images have been taken from the victim’s social networks and her surroundings. In them, a review is made of the woman’s leisure activity and an attempt is made to criminalize her personal life, in a desperate tactic by Alves’ family one month before the trial begins in the Barcelona Court.

A fact that is very reminiscent of the methods of the “La Manada” case where a report from a private detective who followed up on the victim was even admitted to prove that “her daily life and her activity on social networks were not compatible with a rape victim.”