This Google app transforms your selfies into historical and artistic scenes with generative AI

Yeah Google Arts & Culture It was already an amazing application, now it is even more so. Google has announced the launch of Art Selfie 2 within Arts & Culture. This is a new functionality with which the user can take a selfie that generative artificial intelligence transforms into a scene belonging to a certain historical moment, place, cultural moment or related to an artistic style. The options are wide and the user must choose between 27 styles availableto which Google will add more.

So, you can get a selfie in which you appear as a roman gladiatordrawn as if you were in the painting ‘The Gardens’ by Claude Monetphotographed in the city of petra or participating in the festival of Woodstock, among other options. Art Selfie 2 is now available on Arts & Culture by simply updating the application, both on Android and iOS.

Arts & Culture is a Google application that was born more than a decade ago to offer cultural and artistic content. It allows you to explore works of art with high-resolution images, interactive stories, themed exhibitions of historical events and artistic movements, and visit museums around the world virtually, among other features. But to these complete cultural contents it has also been adding various tools and games.

Art Selfie 2 shares space in the app with Art Selfie, launched in 2018 and with a different operation. This first version takes a selfie of the user and Compare your image with that of thousands of works of art to find your double or the face that most resembles it.

Art Remix. Google.

Another recent development of the application that with this update has been deployed in more countries is Art Remix. Another feature based on generative artificial intelligence that presents works of art along with the prompt that describes them. The user can edit the prompt, the written instruction given to a generative AI to create content, and imagine the work with their own personal touch. Or just try your luck and see what the AI ​​does for itself.

The Blob Opera singers.
The Blob Opera singers.Google.

Arts & Culture also has several original games, including Odd One Outin which the user must identify the image created by AI among those shown, and Blob Operain which he handles the voices of four friendly “blobs”: bass, tenor, mezzo-soprano and soprano.