This app tells you the best times to go to the bathroom while watching Oppenheimer

One drawback of watching long films in the cinema such as Oppenheimer3 hours, is that it can occur the need to go to the bathroom more easily than in others. In these cases, the options are to skip some moments of the movie or wait, however inconvenient it may be. Another option is know what are the best moments in a movie to leave the room and go to the bathroomeither. By 'the best' we mean the most boring or the ones that contribute the least to the plot of the film and that is what an app called RunPee.

RunPee, which is available on both the app store Google as in that of Manzana, is not a new application and in fact has more than three decades behind it. Born from developer experience Dan Gardner watching the version of king kong that Peter Jackson premiered in 2005. 3 hours and 20 minutes of film that he endured stoically despite his desire to go to the bathroom.

“As we were leaving, I wanted to tell the people in line to see the next showing about the scene with giant insects in the middle of the movie, perfect for going to the bathroom. Of course, I didn't say that to strangers in the theater, but I'm a developer so I thought I could create a website“Gardner recently told The Guardian. In 2008 The application has arrived that today has accumulated more than half a million downloads on Google Play.

The app not only tells you at what minute and second of the movie you can leave the room and for how long, but it also offers you a synopsis of the scenes you're missing while you're in the bathroom. Allows you to establish a timer at the beginning of the projection and the mobile notifies 30 seconds in advance each peetime. For clarity, the dialogue or a visual cue indicating its start is also noted. RunPee is in English, but it is easy to use. It is free and is financed by user donations.

RunPee.Alfredo Biurrun.

Gardner assures that every year they add to the app 95% of film releases and that the task of deciding the most appropriate moments to interrupt a screening He does it with his sister, watching each of the movies.

The app has evolved over the years and has become an informative app about movies with a lot of content. From the file of each film you can access those on IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes, with all the information about the production, which are loaded in the app's integrated browser. Also to the evaluation that other RunPee users give it and the criticism that Gardner himself and other collaborators write.