This app allows you to know where you have the best internet, whether by WiFi or data

Years ago it was common to see people “doing the crane” or other impossible positions looking for a better connection with their mobile phone. Currently, it is difficult to find places where we do not have any type of signal. The problem is that the one we use to make a phone call is not the same as the one we use to download a movie or make a video call. ¿How can we know where we will have the best signal, be it Wifi or data??

If you are often surprised that a step to the left or climbing a staircase noticeably changes the connection, you will now know why and how to solve it thanks to an application called WiFi Ar. This app Use your phone's camera to project colored labels where we can see the intensity of the WiFi signal or data that we receive in each place.

In green we can see those of the best quality, in yellow those that are not so good and in red those that will make our task difficult. Added to this are the numbers indicating the strength of the received signal, expressed in dBm: the lower this number, the better the signal will be.

For example, 30 dBm is the best we can aspire to, surely we are almost one step away from a repeater or an antenna. If we see 50 dBm we can also be very satisfied. If we approach 70 dBm, we are already at the minimum signal for applications that require smooth data delivery. From 80 dBm it starts to get complicated and we will have basic connectivity. AND If we reach 90 dBm, we can only use it to play solitaire.

From its developers' website, they highlight that camera images are not storedalthough you do have to give location permission to use the app, for obvious reasons. Although at home it is not very useful, since we know the places, in airports, hotels, offices, etc. It is a very good option to quickly find the best place to make video calls without worrying about interruptions in data transmission.

A positive fact is that it does not consume much battery and is quick to react. In the negative section we can say that, for now, it is only available in Google's PlayStore and there is no prospect that those who have an Apple device will be able to use it.