They urge citizen collaboration to report the impact of the drought in Puerto Rico

Against forecasts of droughts more frequent in Puerto Rico due to the climate changecitizen contribution is important to detect the first signs of lack of water and take action to mitigate its effects, the hydrologist stated on Wednesday. Odalys Martínez Sánchezof the National Weather Service.

“When it is a hurricane, when it is a trough, you can see that conglomerate of clouds that is reaching our area. But, when it is a drought, it is a slower process. Many times, we process that we are in a drought process when the lake is completely dry and that is when everything is already consummated, when the drought is at its peak.”explained the scientist, during the virtual seminar “Rain in Puerto Rico and global water security in the face of the climate crisis,” which was offered by Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA, in English).

From noticing less rain in the area and observing yellowing grass to seeing cracked earth or dry river flow, the signs of drought can be varied and complex to detect, since it is a slow process. However, Reporting impacts helps the scientific community have a clearer picture of the effects of climate change..