They turn Pedro Sánchez's new menu into a Mexican ranchera with AI: “They ride so much and so much, they have fed us up”

A few days before the European elections, Pedro Sánchez has written a new “letter to the citizens” to express his “calm” over the judicial summons of his wife, Begoña Gómez, for alleged influence peddling and corruption in the private sector. . In it, the president reaffirms his commitment to continue leading the Government, without leaving room for interpretation, unlike what he did in his first letter in which he left the door open to a possible resignation.

At that time, Sánchez inspired users to reinterpret the message in the form of songs: rancheras, boleros, ballads. This time, Foro Coches has dedicated a new station wagon to Pedro Sánchez inspired by his second letter, a gesture that has provoked various reactions on social networks. The song, created with the help of Artificial Intelligence, uses key ideas from the statement to adapt them in lyrics to the characteristic rhythm and style of the Mexican ranchera. “My wife and I have found out that Begoña has been summoned, how shameless,” the topic begins.

“With condemnation and rejection they will respond and our progress no one will stop,” says another stanza. “We are calm, I tell everyone, they ride so much and so much, they have fed up with us. Anything goes, they want to see us fall, but here we remain firm, no one will make us go back,” the song continues, in which Feijóo and Abascal, among others.

The same portal, which is the most popular Spanish forum on the Internet, He had already covered the president's first letter as a Mexican corrido. Another example that went viral in those days was Sánchez's letter to the citizens as if it were a ballad in the style of Álex Ubago, which they titled 'A love stronger than power'.

The cover of the single has also been designed with the help of AI, showing Pedro Sánchez dressed completely as a mariachi, under the title 'Letter to Citizenship Vol. II'. The initiative has been shared by the portal itself, which addressed the socialist leader saying: “A second letter deserved a new station wagon, right, Pedro?” The song has already accumulated more than 296 thousand views and hundreds of reactions.