They release a version of the Christmas classic “Mi burrito sabanero” with the voice of Peso Pluma

Natanael Cano and Featherweight They did not emerge unscathed from the profits of the artificial intelligencesince a version of the topic is already circulating “My sabanero burrito” in which their voices were used to create the Christmas carol to the sound of the corrido tumbado, a genre in which both are greatest exponents.

Recently, the scope that Artificial Intelligence can have has worried the population, because it is expected that its increasingly sophisticated development will replace the need for human effort in everyday tasks with automation; A clear example is the trend in which songs that make use of the voices of important singers have been released with this tool, through a tool whose name is machine learning.

With specific music and voice patterns, AI has managed to create songs that look like they were composed by the musicians they were based on; This happened recently with the leak of the songs of several Puerto Ricans “My first job”, inspired by Eladio Carrión, and “Nostalgia”based on the voices of Bad Bunny and Daddy Yankee.

While there are those who are in favor of transhumanism, the movement that promotes embracing technology, As is the case of Carrión who, in one of his concerts, performed the song that the AI ​​created with his voice, there are people who disapprove of these inventions, as is the case with Bad Bunny, who reacted negatively to be involved in this trend, ensuring that those who heard the song were not his true followers.

And now it is Peso Pluma and Natanael Cano on whom this tool has been based, since the voices of the singers were used to create a very down version of the classic holiday song “Mi burrito sabanero”, which has been performed by singers such as Aventura, Nigga, as well as the Banda El Recodo and, of course, its original version, led by Marco Pastor Estelles.

The song was published in Youtube three weeks ago, but it is only now that it is gaining greater strength, because the Christmas Eve and the Christmas They are just around the corner.

In real life, Peso Pluma and Natanael Cano have met twice to collaborate on songs “AMG” and “PRC”, which were very well received by the captive audience that is already creating the genre.

It has been said that, since Peso Pluma took off, his career took off and he conquered the global music industry, his relationship with Natanael became strained, because Cano was the promoter of the genre and although his success is widespread, it has not had the global reach that the performer of “She dances Alone” has achieved in the charts, However, every time the press questions them about this alleged controversy, both assure that they only have respect and admiration for the other’s career, especially in the case of Double P, who considers that Cano is “the king” of the movement.