They plant 600 fruit trees on the Paseo Lineal de Bayamón

As part of the celebration of Tree Daya group of citizens and volunteers from community and civic organizations came together on Sunday for the massive planting of 600 fruit trees in the Linear Walk Bayamon for the subsequent enjoyment and food of people who visit the park.

“They were all trees that offer fruit, for example, rose apple, corduroy, avocado, citrus, anything that produces something that can feed humans. We already had, that we had planted, mango trees, almond trees and now the people, when they go for a walk, pick from the mango trees, when the harvest season comes,” indicated the Bayamón mayor, Ramon Luis Rivera Cruz.

The activity was joined by groups of walkers who frequent the linear walk, as well as community organizations, several troops from the Children Listen, and private citizens from different parts of Bayamón. The mayor highlighted the participation of multiple families and shared that one of them was people who had recently moved back to Puerto Rico.