They manage to photograph a rare northern marsupial mole in the desert regions of Australia

Kanyirninpa Jukurrpa Martu rangers, belonging to the traditional Aboriginal community, have found a rare specimen of northern marsupial mole in the vast, arid desert regions of Australia. Also known as kakarratul, these moles are creatures exceptionally elusivewhich gives them an air of mystery and fascination in the world of biology and conservation.

Northern marsupial moles are extremely rare and poorly understood species in terms of their distribution, behavior and life habits. They live in the most remote and isolated corners of the country., where the extreme conditions of the desert make them masters of camouflage and adaptation. Experts in tunneling beneath the sand, they spend most of their lives underground, only occasionally emerging to the surface.

This discovery is the result of the rangers' deep cultural and local knowledge, who have navigated these vast and hostile desert landscapes with skill and precision. In a world where climate change and habitat degradation are growing concerns, studying and protecting these unique species faces crucial challenges to their survival.

The find also highlights the amazing biodiversity of Australian outback wildlife, from the elusive small marsupial moles to the iconic thorny devils and adorable bilbies. These animals have developed remarkable adaptations to survive in such an unforgiving environment, making them fascinating and valuable study subjects for science and conservation.